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I got the ‘stone carver’ badge!

At the start of the year, I joined the 365 Writing Club with the intention of developing a new habit: to write every day.

And …

You know what?

I did it!

Throughout January I wrote something – either on one of my WIPs or on my blog – every single day, bringing in a total word count of 19,919. It averaged out as 642 words a day, from lows of 180 to highs of over 1500, all recorded on a very cool spreadsheet. Got to love a spreadsheet 😉  That consistency  earned me the STONE CARVER’S badge.I know – little things please little minds!

But, it’s a start. Progress towards building that daily habit that, hopefully, will see me finish some of the stories I’ve started.

However, it wasn’t just about writing.

The group is super supportive, with weekly check-ins, goal-setting, online chats and everything necessary to keep us members on the right track.

Aside from writing almost 20,000 words, I also recorded over 25 hours of editing and more than 10 hours of critiquing. All of which means …

two more badges! Yay!


So, now it’s onwards and upwards into February. I’m determined to stick this out, so prepare for more badges in 28 days!


You can tell I was in the Brownies, can’t you?

An elf, no less, with badges all up my sleeves, too.

Except, I had a beret, not a bobble hat 😉

Ah! Memories …

Anyway, must go now … words to write and all that.


Thank you for reading 🙂