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Family Matters … Coming soon.

If you’ve not already read “In the best interest of the child”, go now. You still have time to learn all about Olivia … and, let’s not forget Bruce.

What are you waiting for?

Come back after you’ve read it, and tell me I was right!

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Am I just contrary?

I’ve been reading a few books lately, based on recommendations and great reviews online. All in all, you’d think I’d be in for a good read, wouldn’t you?

But …
I don’t seem to see the same ‘gem’ of a story that everyone else sees.
Why is that?
Am I too hard to please?
I wouldn’t have said so before. It’s not like I usually read action-packed stories with in-your-face conflict, or anything that’s “trending”.
I enjoy a slow-burning, psychological drama, a twist of mystery and suspense, a shift in time with a historical flavour …So. clearly, I can take a slower-paced story. In fact, I generally prefer them.

So, why am I struggling when everyone claims these stories to be “amazing”, “compelling” and “wonderful”.

What am I missing? When I see slow, rambling and – to be honest – ‘nothing happening here’, how do others see the emotional strength of the story, superb characterisation, or marvellous touches of poignancy and beauty?

Maybe I’m reading above my weight. I’ve always thought I had eclectic tastes. I used to say “I’ll read anything”, now I know that’s not true 🙂

Lately, it seems I’ve lost my way. I question everything and doubt my own opinions. I’m not looking for answers here, merely expressing my bewilderment.

Maybe my taste in books doesn’t mirror that of my peers. It does speak volumes, though, when the best book I’ve read these last few weeks is one on punctuation!

Does it matter? Not really. There are plenty of good books out there; I’ve read some brilliant ones too, one where I can agree wholeheartedly with other reviewers.

Perhaps I shouldn’t question myself then. It’s alright to disagree, to have a different view.

And sometimes, the wisest thing to do is just hold the thought, accept it, and move on.

(By the way, I’m not going to name any of these books, nor will they appear in my Goodreads reading list: I’ve decided that my thoughts are best left unsaid rather than leave a DNF comment)

Thanks for reading.