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Call me Happy!

You all know how I love badges …

This one, however, is more than just a badge … it’s a privilege too.

This IHIBRP Award Badge means that Magic O’Clock has been selected as an IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read—a sign of excellence throughout the literary community!

If you’re not aware of IHIBRP, then you’re missing out.

It stands for Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project, and is operated by multi-award-winning author JB Richards.

In effect, the IHIBRP is a book review “lottery”, allowing Indie authors whose books have fewer than 15 Amazon reviews to gain a chance at being one of 10 authors each month chosen for an IHIBRP Book Review. The review is posted on Author JB Richards’ blog (The Writers Block – on the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series website) and Goodreads, and as an Amazon “verified purchase” book review. If the book is deemed to be an IHIBRP 5 star Recommended Read, the author earns the above award badge to display on their book cover.

Guess what I’ll be doing with mine in the very near future?

The news is already on my Facebook author page!! (Impetuous, moi? Maybe a little … but excited, proud and happy  – or rather, in my own words “Eek!”)

If you want to know more about “Magic”, please follow this link. 

It would be wonderful to see more readers pick up a copy of Archie’s story 🙂

If you’re an author – and you meet the requirements – then take time to explore what Jeannie offers here. It’s unprecedented, and you’ll not regret submitting for a single moment.

I mentioned that Jeannie (JB Richards) was a multi-award-winning author herself, so how she gets the time to do all this for other Indies, I don’t know. Miriamne the Magdala is the first book from the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series, a series which masterfully explores the “missing years” of Christ through the lives of the people who knew him best, expanding on his highly personal relationship with the woman who became his closest confidante, most loyal disciple, and one true love! Divided into a series of five novels, each story focuses on a key character personally connected to Yeshua, sweeping you forward on a wondrous journey from his birth to adulthood, and giving you a unique insight into the heart and soul of the most compelling individual in world history.

Read more here, and check out all the awards too.

A huge thank you goes out to Jeannie, and to everyone else who takes – or has taken – the time to read “Magic”.

It’s not a story for everyone, I realise that. But if you’ve lost a loved one to dementia, then maybe Archie can bring a little magic into your day.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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