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What’s in a name, anyway?

Have you ever considered if you actually live up to the meaning of your name?
And if so, how does that happen? How can a name be something that defines us?

Taking my own as an example – I’m using the Urban Dictionary definition here – ya know, just keepin’ it real! 😉

: Lynne – pronounced: (lin)

1. Female name, derived from old English meaning “waterfall”.
2. A person, female, who has both inner and outer beauty, delightfully small yet fearfully strong, commonly having faithful minions (typically named Ryan) that will cater to her every whim.
3. One who exhibits the qualities of a waterfall, including but not limited to: soothing, refreshing, smooth, beautiful, mesmerizing, life-giving, life-taking, overpowering, unstoppable.

Well, top marks for me in being female! And, I can relate to the delightfully small yet fearfully strong bit … don’t personally know any Ryans, unfortunately … and the number of times I’ve been called “soothing”, “mesmerising” or “life-giving” I can count on one hand, or rather one finger!

I can readily believe I might be “overpowering”, “smooth” (in my sarcasm 😉 naturally) and quite probably “unstoppable” when I set my mind to something. Pretty sure I’m not guilty of “life-taking” just yet, except in the fictional sense, although there’s always a first time for everything 😉

Funnily enough, I do have a huge painting of this waterfall on my lounge wall, and did move to the coast to be near the sea (then again, I’m a water sign too … jeez, this is getting spooky!)

Anyway, my point is that it is quite possible to “live up” to one’s name. In my next post, someone does exactly that …

Please stick around to learn more. In the meantime, how does your name reflect who you are? And, if you know how that happens, please enlighten me. As it stands, I’m now ‘blaming’ my petiteness on my dad who chose my name … 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂




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