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Casualty of Court: A change in proceedings

Press Release – March 18th.

Issued on behalf of the team for the prosecution in the case against Stefan Pereira. 

Due to the imminent trial (hint, hint – Casualty of Court is released March 21st), it has been declared unfeasible to continue with the interview of Mr Stefan Pereira and Miss Nessa Sullivan by Dr Ed Case.

Due to concerns of the prosecution team , working on behalf of Miss Fern Mortimer, about the defendant being released (albeit with the appropriate guards) so close to the start of legal proceedings, it has been decided to remove this interview from the calendar of events.

A spokesperson for Miss Mortimer states that while previous interviews have gone ahead – with Annie Skillsett and CeeCee Dedmann – this latter one has come too soon before the commencement of said trial, in which the defendant, Pereira, is accused of assault against Miss Mortimer.

Talks are underway to see if Dr Ed Case can pursue said interview at the remand centre. Although not ideal and certainly not conducive to the atmosphere in which the renowned psychologist prefers to conduct his assessments, it remains the only avenue currently available should the interview proceed in time.

In the most likely event that this interview will not now go ahead, Detective Hugh Dunnitt will make his judgement on the case according to the information at his disposal.

A media event this coming Tuesday is expected to produce the final interview in this series, that of Fern Mortimer and the notorious Showbiz Reporter, Vikki Winner. Ms Winner’s column in the English press has not been wholly complimentary to the young British woman. It will be interesting to see how she handles the forthcoming encounter.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Casualty of Court is available to pre-order now as an ebook, releasing March 21st 2018. Click here to view on Amazon

In the meantime, you can read The Fifth Wheel – A Prequel now and find out what happened to her last summer.

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