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Blog Tour ‘n’ Book Review – The Oddest Little Chocolate Shop

The Oddest Little Series

by Beth Good

The Oddest Little Chocolate Shop

Treat yourself to something delicious . . .

‘I love Beth Good’s quirky style!’ – bestselling author Katie Fforde
When Clementine discovers that Monsieur Ravel’s beloved chocolaterie is about to close, she rushes to rescue it – without thinking through the consequences.
A lost Persian cat, a depressed but utterly gorgeous French chocolatier, an allergic shop assistant in search of true love, the oddest little chocolate shop Clementine has ever seen . . .

Can Clementine save them all, or has she bitten off more than she can chew?
A delicious, feel-good novella set in the world of chocolate-making from popular romantic comedy writer Beth Good.

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My review:

I’m reading two of Beth Good’s “Oddest” series, and if The Oddest Little Chocolate Shop is anything to go by, then I’m in for a treat and will no doubt be picking up the rest soon.

This is such a fun read, with some moments of laugh out-loud hilarity. I just loved the character names and felt totally at ease from the minute the story began. Clementine is a young woman for whom clumsiness is a way of life. (I know the feeling!) If there’s a disaster awaiting to happen, a puddle to step into or a bruise begging to develop, then Clem’s your girl. All in order to save the fluffiest cat on the planet. Oh, and there’s a drop-dead gorgeous Frenchman involved too – with a chocolate shop. Say no more!

As a short read, the story moves along at quite some pace, often so fast you might need to pause to take a breath. However, the tone is bright and breezy for the most part, with the occasional touch of pathos as Clem’s predicaments stir up emotions of pity, sympathy, and sorrow which are easily quashed by the sexy Monsieur Ravel and his delectable chocolates.

If you’re looking to while away an hour of two, then I’d encourage you climb inside this world, make yourself comfy and let the characters entertain you. By the end of it, the world looks so much brighter. What have you got to lose?

Now, I’m off to enter The Oddest Little Beach Shop which involves a trip to sunny – and windy – Cornwall. Come back soon for my review on that.

About the author:

Born and raised in Essex, England, Beth Good was whisked away to an island tax haven at the age of eleven to attend an exclusive public school and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Sadly, she never became rich or famous herself, so had to settle for infamy as a writer of dubious novels. She writes under several different names, mainly to avoid confusing her readers – and herself! As Beth Good she writes romantic comedy and feel-good fiction. She also writes thrillers as Jane Holland, historicals as Victoria Lamb and Elizabeth Moss, and feel-good fiction as Hannah Coates.

Beth currently lives in the West Country where she spends a great deal of time thinking romantic thoughts while staring out of her window at sheep. (These two actions are unrelated.)

You can find her most days on Twitter as @BethGoodWriter where she occasionally indulges in pointless banter about chocolate making and the Great British Bake Off. Due to a basic inability to say no, she has too many children and not enough money, which means she needs as many readers as she can get.

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