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Happy Publication Day!

It’s true – today’s the day for Magical Memories to be released to the world.

As Archie Royle takes his final breath, his three daughters race to say their goodbyes.
Two don’t make it in time.
I do. And now, it’s all my fault they’re too late. I let him go too soon.
Despite him having dementia.
Despite them not visiting in over a month.

But I won’t let anger win.
After all, we’re all grieving, aren’t we?
Surely, as a family, we can let bygones be bygones.

It’s what Dad would want. Expect.
It’s what he deserves.
We have so much to be grateful for.
So many fond and magical memories to share.

As the sequel to Magic O’Clock, this is another short story in which we finally get to say goodbye to Archie. Of course, there is some personal experience drawn upon here, but maybe not as you might think. That’s the beauty of writing, we get to mix fact with fiction and re-invent situations. But, that’s a different kind of magic.

What you might not release is that Magic O’Clock was first released on my mum’s birthday, and now, on the anniversary of her death, here come those Magical Memories.

I know, I’m a sentimental old fool, aren’t I?

Archie does indeed bear many of the attributes of my dad, but he’s also based on my mum, who was the real dementia sufferer in the family. Dad died far too early in my life, when I was still at school, but I like to think he lives on here. Mum had a great life; she came to Spain with me – which she loved to pieces – and even though she never remarried, she never held back on life. She was the party animal I would never be, so when dementia struck it was all the more shattering. Anyway, before I start blubbing like a baby, I’d just like to welcome you to Magical Memories.

I hope you, too, have them in abundance. Currently, it’s only available on Amazon – but that will change soon.

Early reviews on Goodreads have been positive – Phew! – and I’d like to think Archie bows out with dignity and that you’ll remember him with fondness, even if those of us who are left behind don’t always live up to those same standards.

Magic O’Clock & Magical Memories

are fictional short stories about dementia and loss, told through a daughter’s perspective.

Two father-daughter love stories to tug at your heartstrings.

Thanks for reading!