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OMG! I didn’t believe it could get better

But it did!

Day 2 of my inaugural blog tour for Magic O’Clock and Magical Memories, as organised by Rachel over at Rachel’s Random Resources, was another riot of purple. Thanks again to lots of wonderful reviewers who blogged about my stories, and to their awesome followers who shared and retweeted to infinity and beyond!

Here are some more of the glorious reviews:

For Magic O’Clock

This story shows two sides to dementia; the forgetful side but also the lucid side. A quick enjoyable read that is sad but in a way that shows love and honesty. A wonderful read and a perfect introduction to the next book; Magical Memories.

Somehow, in just a few short pages, L.S. Fellows managed to articulate everything that I was feeling, in ways that I never could.

I was immediately drawn into Magic O’Clock it is written with such honesty and emotion from the daughters’ perspective. If you don’t have any experience of this horrendous disease why not spend a coffee break reading this, it will certainly give you an insight.

And, for the recently launched Magical Memories

This story is emotional and beautifully told, I had to get the tissues out on a couple of occasions. Again a quick read but my goodness did it pack a punch on the heartstrings. A story of loss, grief, happy times, and moving on with life.

In Magic O’Clock, L.S. Fellows captures the emotional strain of loving someone with dementia, and the joy of witnessing the rare moments of lucidity. Magical Memories tells the story of the all too familiar dash to say goodbye to a loved one. These books are a must read for anyone who knows someone with a loved one suffering from dementia, and who wants to understand just how hard it is to watch that person slip away to their own world.

Magical Memories does a very good job of highlighting the difficulties some families endure based around jealousy, grief and control. The author does a brilliant job of including the reader in all the decisions made and I felt I was right alongside them having experienced the same conflicts in my family. Another coffee break style story which will open your eyes and hopefully make you count your blessings. If you love somebody let them know, there may not be a lucid tomorrow.

Thank you to these wonderful book bloggers who gave me such a fantastic start to the week.

Today, why not head over and see what these lovely people have to say.

Wrong side of forty
Portable Magic
Rae Reads 

More news tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep pinching myself 😉


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