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OMG – All purpled out!

I realise it’s not a word, but you get the gist. I feel the need for a change of colour, which only goes to prove how super fantastic the bloggerverse was again yesterday.

Day 3 of my inaugural blog tour for Magic O’Clock and Magical Memories, as organised by Rachel over at Rachel’s Random Resources, saw purple once more – Woohoo! Thanks again to lots of wonderful reviewers who blogged about my stories, and to their awesome followers who shared and retweeted like a boss!

Here are some more of the glorious reviews:

For Magic O’Clock

What wonderful books these both are. They are written with compassion, honesty and from the heart.

I loved getting to know Archie and seeing him in his element, with all his charm and sense of humour. The descriptions of the Antarctic in his speech were beautiful, and they drew me into what he was saying. There is a little twist at the end of this story which also made me smile.

First of all I have to mention that Magic O’Clock is a short read but oh what a wonderful story it is. There was such a beautiful and emotional pull for me as I experienced both sadness and joy with the characters. I was completely pulled in by this story I think the word I am looking for is captivated!
L.S. Fellows has written a brief but powerful piece of descriptive writing that I’m sure will stay with me for quite a while.

And, for the recently launched Magical Memories

L.S.Fellows beautifully depicts the brighter days amongst the dark and how all the matters in the end is he continuing love that remains and the beautiful memories you’ve made.

I felt all the emotion that went into this story, and was able to feel joy and sadness in equal measure in the same way as the narrator. I enjoyed learning more of Archie’s life through the memories that make up this story.
Magical Memories showed me the value of memory, and its message is one that I will hold with me as I grieve for my own elderly relatives.

After reading Magic O’Clock I was looking forward to picking up Magical Memories and seeing where the story would take me next. I have to admit that there were tears as I read the first part of this story,
L.S Fellows explores what happens after a loved one dies and how anger can pull at you. There is also a wonderful hopeful feeling that balances out with the emotional side although it is safe to say that Magical Memories certainly packs an emotional punch!

I still can’t believe it, but we’re only halfway through the week.

There are more wonderful book reviewers and bloggers to come.

Today, we have another three sites to visit:

Books, Life and Everything 
The Spoonie Mummy 

See you tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy the new colours 😉


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