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You have a review …

Email arrives just before I clamber into bed … and, of course, I can’t ignore it. Could you?

Me: Review? What kind of review?

Email – A Readers’ Favorite review

Me: Oo! For which story?

Email – “To Make the Birds Cry”

Me: Really?

Email – Yep. Don’t just take my word for it. Go check it out …

Me: On my way.

Log in for details …

Me: Hmm … what was my password again? *taps in first one that comes to mind*

RF: Not that. Try again.

tap, tap, tap

RF: Nope, not that either

Me: Okay … well maybe I’ve written it down somewhere.

RF: Like where?

Me: In a notebook.

RF: I’ll wait …

Me: Can’t you just tell me now what it says?

RF: Sorry, no.

Me: Okay *pulls out current notebook* Not in here *mooches in drawer where older notebooks live*

Tick tock, tick tock

Me: Don’t rush me …

RF: Would you like to reset your password?

Me: No. I’ve got this. Don’t panic.

RF: Not panicking …


Next morning on my laptop

Me: I found it!

RF: That’s the one.

Me: Wow! I love it.

RF: Was it worth the wait?

Me: Absolutely.

RF: So, who you going to tell?

Me: Everyone.  But first, I need to add the seal to my cover.

RF: Good idea. Go on then.

Me: I will.

Opens Canva – login screen.

Me: Hmm … what was my password again?

Just kidding!

Me: Phew! Looks good though …

Thank you Readers’ Favorite!

Now to update purchase links …, but first a cup of tea and a choccy biscuit. (Do I know how to celebrate or what?)

If you’d care to read the story without the ‘bling’, you can get it here. Same story, just not as shiny.




2 thoughts on “You have a review …

  1. Reblogged this on Author_Iris_Chacon and commented:
    Happy news and well-deserved accolades for author L.S. Fellows — and it’s told to us in a way that appeal to our inner techno-dunce. Congratulations, Lynne, and thanks for sharing the news with us. Sounds like a fascinating book.

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