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A New Story – A New Challenge

Eight-year-old Susan adores her parents,

so when they’re arrested she’s convinced the police have the wrong family.

They don’t.

She does.

Alex & Hana Russell are parents seeking a child.

When their son is born without a heartbeat, and complications mean Hana

will never have another child, despair sets in.

When Alex steps in to break up a fight at the shelter where he’s a volunteer,

he doesn’t expect to be offered a solution to their parenting problem.

The offer presents them with a three-year-old girl they call Susan.

The same offer, however, has some nefarious strings attached.

Hugo and Emma Webb are parents missing a child.

When a hoax bomb threats creates panic at a popular family attraction,

their three-year-old daughter cannot be found anywhere.

Their search for her is fruitless, but they’ll never stop hoping.

Five years later, Susan undertakes a school project to draw her family tree.

Her parents are not exactly forthcoming.

What are they hiding?

Susan takes her questions elsewhere.

No-one is prepared for the events that follow

as her life unravels rapidly – along with her identity.

Now the truth must be told.

But just how do you tell a child she was stolen?

I was originally planning to publish this story in the summer.

Then PitMad happened.

So I’m now querying the story to a couple of agents who expressed interest.

Wish me luck!