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Blog Tour – The Onyx Crown

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Front CoverThe Onyx Crown #1

Publication Date: January 27th, 2019

Genre: Fantasy/ Adventure

The Onyx Crown is an exciting foray into the world of African fantasy. From the searing heat of the desert to the vastness of the savannah, it tells the story of three children–Sania, Gesi, and Jorann who grow up in a pre-medieval era of wars and successions, not fifteen years after the greatest king in the history of the continent has been deposed and assassinated. They must overcome the traumatic circumstances of their birth as well as many dangerous trials to fulfill the destiny bestowed upon them as infants. Can mere children use their courage, wits, and uncanny abilities to defeat legendary warriors, entire tribes, provinces, and kingdoms–allowing them to lead the worthy to the greatest prize of all, the Onyx Crown?

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The Equinox Hunt was the once-every-ten-moon foray into the chakkha, or jungle, made by only the most celebrated hunters of the Nabii tribe of Numeria. It’s primary purpose was to keep the beast population to manageable levels, and stop them from foraging into the grasslands, but had long ago become a reliable way to create fortune for some Nabii tribesmen (simply called ‘the Hunters’), and their families.

Although wealth and riches beyond all imagination could be found beyond the gates of the chief Nabii citadel, Abir City, if the Hunters knew where to look, for most families it was more likely that they would return to the gates destitute, starving, and missing several family members.

K’Nan knew this as well as anyone. He knew he was looking at mostly dead men. Damn men are such fools, he thought. Most of these hunters were already successful enough to provide for their families, own property, perhaps even bribe for themselves a pathetic position on the council. Success was never enough, and, in fact, it spurs on the hunger drive for more success.

This time, he th ought, things just may turn out differently for them. Why he had decided to lead the Hunt this year was a puzzle even to himself.

He knew better than to rely on the nonsensical rumors that had been trickling out of the wilderness for the last year and a half. Tales of mythical beasts and fearsome fighters attacking the Numerian migrants seemed just that, more myth than reality, except…

Except he’d also dreamt of them for the last ten years of his life. He could probably count the number of peaceful nights he’d slept in that time quite easily if he stopped to think about it. There damned sure hadn’t been many.

How could he sleep? The unimaginable horror of some of the things he’d seen during those dreams weren’t easy to forget—man-eating beasts, blood thirsty warriors, and infants dying in the wilderness.

It was this last dream, the one about three infant children that spurred him toward the savannah. The innermost reaches of the savannah were referred to as the chakkha—the destination of the Equinox hunters, the Win-Daji.

“Why does it bother you so much?” he said to himself. “It’s just a dream like any other, and those other three are long lost now.”

And yet here he was. All because of a dream.

He shook his head at himself. “When will you finally give up hope?”

The winds started blowing even more briskly now, bringing a mini-sandstorm to the town gates. Instinctively, everyone covered their eyes and faces, through conditioning more than fear.

It was apparent that they were in no danger from sand this far from the wilderness, but hiding from it was a habit both born and bred in them from childbirth. Heat can indeed kill you, but in the wilderness you learn to fear the sand much more than the heat.

Luckily for the Win-Daji, the summer had not begun. In the summer, sandstorms morphed from deadly catastrophic—it was widely known that the one approaching would last for many months and be one of the hottest ever recorded.

The hunter talking with the sentries now was unique enough to catch K’Nan’s interest. This man was tall and pale-skinned (a rarity this far south) with a scar leading from the corner of his left eye to his left ear, a love kiss from a Deluthian rhino most likely, K’Nan’s imoya, or spirit, told him.

He wore his hair in the traditional Nabii tribesman style, shaved on the sides with a strip of hair about two inches high down the middle. On his hip he carried a crescent sword, very worn and very menacing, and two bows slung carelessly across his back.

Tied around his left thigh was a two-cubic-long dagger with a polished bone handle covered with notches. This man has done some killing, thought K’Nan, and without a doubt not confined it to beasts.

Whatever he was arguing with the sentries about must’ve been important. Gradually all of the other Win-Daji and Halanbi moved closer to them to listen in. Some were nodding and raising their weapons. Every now and then there’d be a little shout of encouragement from the group. Meanwhile the guards were shaking their heads all the more emphatically.

K’Nan ended his reverie and motioned his two companions, Semri and Semarion, to follow him down the rocky path toward the gates. The steadfast twin brothers hastily complied.

They had fought and hunted with him the better part of the last five years and were two of the only people he felt he could really rely on, despite the fact that they were not full-blooded Numerians. So, he’d asked them to accompany him, without telling them the true reason.

What are you so worried about? He asked himself. Aren’t you K’nan the Savage Slayer, a legend in all three territories of the savannah, defender of the Numerians, the scourge of all Panthia? How many countless men have died under your two-bladed spear, deservedly all?

How many beasts have you saved these wretched villagers from? You’ve dined with tribal chieftains between both seas, shared their spoils, and bedded their daughters. How could a life as full as yours end so quickly? Have you forgotten what the prophetess told you?

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About the Author


Alan Hurst is an author and entrepeneur. Hurst who spent most of his childhood reading Asian wuxia fiction, Marvel comics and encyclopedias is delving into trilogy territory with THE ONYX CROWN. He briefly studied religion at Harvard. Later, he settled in Washington, DC where he founded a software consulting firm, hosted the Urban Nation Radio podcast, and occasionally played the World Series of Poker. When not writing or enjoying time with his family, he prefers to take his Ducati motorcycle out for the occasional spin!

Alan Hurst | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Blog Tour – Daring Dreamer

Daring Dreamer

Two best friends. Two fresh starts. Will old regrets sabotage their second chance?

Janna’s heart is heavy with grief and broken by betrayal. But as she leaves the big city for a quaint midwestern town, the future feels less frightening with her best friend, Shelby, by her side. After landing a job in the local fresh market and the attentions of a handsome architect, she may yet learn to heal old scars…

Shelby loves the position Janna secured for her and the new sense of community, but wishes small-town life wasn’t so lonely. After packing up all she could salvage from her painful past, she endures more than her fair share of bumps on the winding road to recovery. Afraid her heart may be too damaged for real love, she drowns her sorrows in drunken nights at bars.

With new heartaches around every corner, can Janna and Shelby stay true to their friendship and their dream of lasting freedom?

Daring Dreamer is the first book in the Inspiration in Cologne series of women’s fiction novels. If you like brave women, picturesque settings, and second chance romance, then you’ll love Deborah King’s empowering saga.

Buy Daring Dreamer to explore a risk worth taking today!

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Author Bio

Deborah King is a spirited woman who was inspired to pursue her dreams due to her mother’s death from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She has the unique ability to read people and tackle life’s hardships.

Deborah is a distinctive new voice in inspirational, romantic women’s fiction. After raising two children, working with a not-for-profit wildlife rescue organization, and reading too many books to count, she retired from her personal training and weight management business to follow her dream of writing.

She is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work with many different people sharing and teaching what inspires her, which you’ll catch glimpses of in her books.

Deborah’s lived in several diverse areas in her city as well as three years in a rural setting. She lives in Missouri with her supportive husband, two rescue cats, who believe they’re dogs, her mini fitness store, and her eclectic collection of books.

For all the latest information, excerpts from her upcoming books, general fun, or to chat, follow Deborah on Facebook at

She loves to hear from her fans. To follow Deborah’s social media links, reviews of her women’s fiction books, her blog, and to sign up for her monthly updates, visit her at

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Facebook – Deborah King The Inside Scoop: Advanced Reader Group.

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GoodReads – deborahking2018 (Profile Link)

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Price Drop Blitz – Summer on the Italian Lakes

Summer on the Italian Lakes

Bestselling Brianna Middleton has won the hearts of millions of readers with her sweeping – and steamy – love stories. But the girl behind the typewriter is struggling… Not only does she have writer’s block, but she’s a world-famous romance author with zero romance in her own life.

So the opportunity to spend the summer teaching at a writer’s retreat in an idyllic villa on the shores of Lake Garda – owned by superstar author Arran Jamieson – could this be just the thing to fire up Brie’s writing – and romantic – mojo?

Brie’s sun-drenched Italian summer could be the beginning of this writer’s very own happy-ever-after…

Escape the January blues with this sun-drenched, heart-warming story from the bestselling author of Snowflakes Over Holly Cove.


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Price drop: only 99p – grab your copy now!

About the Author

From interior designer to author, Linn B. Halton – who also writes under the pen name of Lucy Coleman – says ‘it’s been a fantastic journey!’

Linn is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and is excited to be writing for both Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus) and Harper Impulse (Harper Collins); she’s represented by Sara Keane of the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

When she’s not writing, or spending time with the family, she’s either upcycling furniture or working in the garden.

Linn won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award; her novels have been short-listed in the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards.

Living in Coed Duon in the Welsh Valleys with her ‘rock’, Lawrence, and gorgeous Bengal cat Ziggy, she freely admits she’s an eternal romantic.

Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and writes feel-good, uplifting novels about life, love and relationships.

Social Media Links 




A note from the author

The fun part about being an author is that you get to spend your days in some wonderful locations, even if it’s virtually! But the only way to be able to sit down and really share with the readers what the experience is like, is to visit in person.

Lake Garda is a place I have visited several times over the years, and it will always be one of my all-time favourite holiday destinations. Whether you fly direct or are planning a grand European tour by road – it is a dream destination.

The villa featured in Summer on the Italian Lakes is fictitious but based on a composite of two properties in which I have stayed. But the descriptions of being up in the hills and the trips taken are real-life experiences.

Italy is an overload of stimuli – everywhere you look, every breath you take in, and everything you touch, fills your heart with love for the vibrancy and warmth of this beautiful country. It’s full of passionate people – for love and life. Fiery temperaments, fabulous food and wonderful wines; flavours that literally grab you with their freshness and taste. Wonderful music and art; scenery that will make your jaw drop; beautiful architecture around which to saunter and so many hidden gems to discover.

But up in the hills where it’s quieter, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with the inner you. For me a holiday has to combine everything – lots of exciting things to experience, but also some time to relax and chill.

So, it was the perfect setting for this book and the only sadness for me, was that I didn’t get to do a research trip! I didn’t need to as all of those memories are locked inside my head, and my heart – but, oh, Italy is calling me loud and clear! If you haven’t been, please do add it to your list of must-sees and Lake Garda is the perfect place to begin.

Do you love a competition?

Hello lovely readers and bloggers!

To celebrate the price drop to 99p I will be running a competition on Twitter for one lucky person to win some goodies – an Aria tote bag, two beautiful hand-made Italian soaps and a limited edition mug!

No purchase is necessary to join in – just RT one of my lovely blogger’s Tweets for the 99p promo including @LucyColemanAuth and #SummerOnTheItalianLakes, to take part.

If you have already read/reviewed Summer on the Italian Lakes and take a photo of it on your reading device and/or send a link to your review in your Tweet – IF YOUR NAME is the ONE drawn by the third party, I will add two signed paperbacks from my backlist to the prize!

Don’t forget to include @LucyColemanAuth and #SummerOnTheItalianLakes so we can include your Tweet in the competition. Thank you so much for dropping by and good luck!

Terms: Competition closes noon GMT 29 April 2019; international; anyone can enter; prize to be provided by the author; prize winner will be announced on Twitter by @LucyColemanAuth and on Lucy and Linn’s website (competition page) at noon on 30 April 2019 after being selected at random by a third party.


As a huge fan of Lake Garda, and these summery books, I’ll be entering. Will you?

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Book Review – Deadly Southern Charm

A Lethal Ladies Mystery Anthology

What is it about Southern Charm that makes it deadly?

I’d hazard a guess that you just don’t see it coming, which makes it the perfect cover for a killer, don’t you think?

But, anyway, this was my perception before I began reading.

Was it still the case afterwards? Read on to find out.

My Review

Well, there wasn’t as much charm in some of the stories as I was expecting, in fact the only connection some had to the South were the settings. Was I expecting Scarlett O’Hara with a pitcher of iced tea, a little more dialect and some local, colourful phrases? Maybe. As a non-American, my impression of the South comes from TV and films, so it’s possible I don’t know enough about the region to comment. Still, as a collection of short stories, these are an easy to read, entertaining bunch of stories, especially perfect when you have limited time but still want a quality tale.

My favourites were:

Southern Sisters Stick Together by Stacie Giles – I loved how this was set in the 1920s, just as women had got the right to vote. Vera – a waitress at Gerber’s Tea Room – sets out to warn her co-workers following the news headlines of a woman drugged and assaulted in the area. Her cousin, Burnell, a police officer mentions the woman had been given knockout drops. So, when a new doctor in the area shows signs of an attitude problem with women, and is also overheard talking about the drug concerned with a colleague, Vera is determined to find the truth.

The Power Behind The Throne by Barb Goffman – as a huge fan of courtroom dramas, I knew from the first sentence that I’d lap up this story with gusto. Emily Forester is calm. cool and collected. She even admits to killing her husband; but her defence is simply sublime. As is the revenge she seeks. This was a total hit for me, and I’ll be looking for more by this author, for sure.

Keep Your Friends Close by Maggie King – a clever little mystery set in a coffee shop as two friends join forces to solve the mystery of who killed Vicki Berenger. As they ruminate over possible suspects, motives and MOs, what seems to be a simple little discussion between friends turns into something altogether more interesting. A classic mystery reliant on piecing the clues together. Great fun.

Deadly Devonshire by Samantha McGraw – who knew cakes could be so deadly. In this story, the owner of The Tea Cottage feels obliged to solve the mystery of a diner’s sudden death when the police are delayed due to snow. I must say I can’t resist an amateur sleuth mystery, and this was a gem.

It’s starting to look like I have rather a lot of favourites, isn’t it, but I’ll just add one more.

As already mentioned, for many of these stories the only connection to The South was the setting of the story, and some didn’t have the “charm” I expected. That said, my final story of note is Stewing by Libby Hall. Set in Sloe,Virginia, this story had not only an authentic setting, but it oozed charm, with its Southern vibe, lingo, and attitude (just beware of the unusual Shepherd’s Pie!)

These mysteries certainly did not disappoint. So much variety and great storytelling. I’ve found some new authors to follow as well. You can’t possibly go wrong if you pick up a copy yourself.

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Blog Tour ‘n’ Book Review – One Last Summer

Sometimes a story really speaks to you. This is one of those stories. It’s a very special moment when you get more than a story from a book, and here you get so much more: inspiration and courage to do what makes your heart sing. It certainly had that effect on me.

One Last Summer

They have the whole summer ahead of them. Is it enough to rekindle the friendship they once shared?
Harriet Greenleaf dreams of spending the summer in a beautiful ancient priory on the Somerset coast with her two best friends—but her dream is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a chance to reconnect three lives that have drifted apart; on the other, she has a devastating secret to share that will change everything between them forever.
First to arrive is Audrey—the workaholic who’s heading for a heart attack unless she slows down and makes time for herself. Then Lisa, the happy-go-lucky flirt who’s always struggled to commit to anyone—or anything. Ever the optimist, can Harriet remind them of the joy in their lives and the importance of celebrating good friendship before it’s gone?
Through the highs and lows of a long, glorious summer, these three women will rediscover what it means to be there for each other—before they face the hardest of goodbyes.

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UK –

US –

About the Author

Victoria Connelly studied English literature at Worcester University, got married in a medieval castle in the Yorkshire Dales and now lives in rural Suffolk with her artist husband, a young springer spaniel and a flock of ex-battery hens.
She is the author of two bestselling series, Austen Addicts and The Book Lovers, as well as many other novels and novellas. Her first published novel, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in 2008 by Ziegler Films in Germany. The Runaway Actress was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Romantic Comedy Novel award.
Ms Connelly loves books, films, walking, historic buildings and animals. If she isn’t at her keyboard writing, she can usually be found in her garden, with either a trowel in her hand or a hen on her lap.
Catch up with Victoria via her website , on Twitter @VictoriaDarcy and on Instagram @VictoriaConnellyAuthor. For Facebook users, there’s a reader’s group too:

My Review

Harrie, Audrey and Lisa met at university, studying to be teachers. Their friendship was secured at that point, and no matter how much time elapsed between get-togethers, they all knew that they’d have each others’ back.

As the book began, six years had passed since the women last met up. And for Harrie, life had delivered her the mightiest of blows. Having had breast cancer a few years earlier, she then went into remission, but now it was back – and this time it was terminal.

The time had come for her to tell her best friends, and so she booked the Priory for them to spend one last summer together. But telling her friends was not as easy as she thought it would be. You might wonder why she hadn’t mentioned it before, but Harrie is the kind of person who wants to spare them from the upset, trauma and awkwardness of having a friend with cancer. She fully admits she would have kept it from her daughter too, had she not needed her help and support.

Now at the Priory, the three women immediately resumed where they left off, catching up on the last six years – except Harrie was still not forthcoming. On hearing her friends reveal their own issues, she felt she simply couldn’t ‘dump’ the bad news on them, and decided to stay quiet.

Audrey had started her own school, and was obsessed with work – she couldn’t switch off, no matter how many times she was chided for checking her emails (yes, she brought her laptop with her!) All work and no play was about to take its toll, and when Audrey collapsed with a later-diagnosed heart problem, Harrie knew she was right to stay quiet.

Lisa, on the other hand, was struggling to find something in life that really excited her. Working as a supply teacher paid the bills, but she hated the fact she was still renting her house – at her age! Harrie knew Lisa’s mum had died from cancer and she was fully aware how this had affected her, despite it being many years ago. This was another reason for Harrie’s decision to not tell them.

But Harrie hadn’t banked on her daughter, Honor, struggling with the idea that her mum’s original plan had fallen by the wayside because she (Harrie) was too concerned for her own friends’ feelings.

Wow! Harrie was really that strong, and Honor couldn’t sit back and watch her mum fret over others when she felt it was her mum who deserved so much more in her final months.

Another key player in getting Harrie to tell all was Mrs Ryder, the housekeeper / cook, whose brusque manner initially put the fear of God in the three women. Mrs Ryder was a no-nonsense woman, and her constant criticisms of Harrie’s vegan diet brought moments of humour and absolute clarity to the story. She recognised Harrie as an ill woman, and made her a meat pie because she needed ‘building up’.

When Harrie finally came clean, Audrey felt guilty for having not been there for her friend, and Lisa retreated into her own world, recalling how her mother’s death had impacted her life. Over time, the three women finally came to terms with Harrie’s fate, and they spent the remainder of the holiday living life to the full – their final party was a joy!

There were a few subplots that ran alongside the main story that gave it even more impetus. Harrie befriended the stonemason, Samson, who was restoring the Priory during their stay. Their friendship was subtle, sweet and made me wish Harrie had more time. Together, they explored old churches and enjoyed each other’s company.

By the end, all three women had been changed dramatically by that summer holiday. Audrey began to see that maybe the school – and all the work that came with it – was not really the best thing for her health or her marriage. Her husband, Mike, was a sweetheart, and had plans of moving out of London and back to the coast. Audrey, however, had been blind to his ideas – until now.

Lisa, who enjoyed yoga and often practised in the grounds of the Priory caught the attention of the young gardener. Her nurturing of him and his back pain, as well as encouraging him to follow his dreams, led to her finally realising that she should take her own advice. Supported by Audrey and Harrie, she too found herself a new future, doing something she loved.

For both Audrey and Lisa, none of this would have been possible if Harrie had not booked that long summer break. And they both knew she would approve of the changes they ultimately made.

Oops, did I mention how stunning the Priory was? Beautifully brought to life by the author, making me feel like a guest there myself.

If only!

This is the kind of inspiring book that really has an impact on its readers – me, included. The strong message to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy resonated with me totally. As a result I’ve taken up watercolours again – something I’ve not done since school, but always said I’d resume one day. Well, now is the time and I’m booked on a course next month ( I’ve bought my paints, brushes, paper, etc already because I am that excited!) Thank you Harrie, and the author too, because the future is not something any of us can guarantee.

For more news and reviews, why not take a look at these amazing blogs too:

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Blog Tour – Worth of a Penny

The Worth of a Penny

Sweetheart Penelope Davies is what her daddy calls gullible, right after he told her she was stupid and worthless. With her cheek red from being slapped by him, and her heart trampled by a worthless boyfriend, she packs up and follows her half-brother to Fox River, North Carolina, in need of a fresh start.

Dominic MacKenna is the youngest of five brothers, the friendly one with a killer smile and easy laugh. His brothers are all grown up, and one by one they’re flying the nest, leaving him out of sorts and unsure of his place. Who is he if not the youngest MacKenna?

Penny falls in with the MacKenna brothers, welcomed in as family, and offered the kind of love and support she never knew existed. With a new job and a lot of determination, she is finding out what she’s capable of. The last thing she needs now is to fall in love with the most notorious flirt in town.

Dominic falls for the sweet strong girl with a penchant for random facts and quirky homemade dresses. All he wants is to show Penny how wonderful she is, how smart and funny, and how desired and loved—even if he has to do it as her friend.

Purchase Link –

Isn’t that one gorgeous cover! Makes you believe summer is just around the corner, doesn’t it?

About the Author

Jess B Moore is a writer of love stories. When she’s not writing, she’s busy mothering her talented and stubborn children, reading obscene numbers of books, and knitting scarves she’ll likely never finish.

Jess lives in small town North Carolina with her bluegrass obsessed family. She takes too many pictures of her cats, thinking the Internet loves them as much as she does. She is a firm believer of swapping stories over coffee or wine, and that there should always be dark chocolate involved.

Her novels combine her interests in family, music, and small towns into thoughtful tales of growing up and falling in love.


Social Media Links:


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Book Review – Dead Inside

Dead Inside

by Noelle Holten

When three domestic abuse offenders are found beaten to death, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she is facing her toughest case yet.

The police suspect that Probation Officer Lucy Sherwood – who is connected to all three victims – is hiding a dark secret. Then a fourth domestic abuser is brutally murdered. And he is Lucy’s husband.

Now the finger of suspicion points at Lucy and the police are running out of time. Can Maggie and her team solve the murders before another person dies? And is Lucy really a cold-blooded killer?

My Review

I was ready to be blown away by this book; after all, with glowing reviews from the likes of Martina Cole & Angela Marsons, it had a lot to live up to.

‘An excellent read’ Martina Cole

A dark and gripping debut crime novel – the first in a stunning new series – from a huge new talent.

‘Kept me hooked … excellent pace and a very satisfying ending’ Angela Marsons

It was a fast-paced read, that’s for sure. The short, sharp chapters and slick POV changes kept me reading on. There was plenty of tension; I could feel the frustration among the investigating officers as more deaths occurred but without any leads.

Given that all of the murdered men were domestic violence abusers, it wasn’t hard to feel that they had deserved their horrific deaths – in fact, whoever the killer was, they seemed to be doing the police’s job in ridding society of these vile creatures.

The scenes of abuse – when these men displayed their tempers to the women in their lives – were intense and tense, showing how quick these men were to anger and react with their fists at the slightest opportunity. I winced on several occasions at their violence. Similarly, the killer’s own methods were not for the faint-hearted.

Talking of killers, my suspicions as to their identity were raised quite early on, in fact after less than a third of the story, I was ready to stake my bet. And while I don’t want to brag (well, not much anyway) I was pleased to be correct in my summation. (Am I guilty of watching and reading too many crime dramas? Maybe 😉 but I couldn’t possibly comment further for fear of incriminating myself)

All in all, a good story, delivered with great timing and pace, and with some interesting characters who – hopefully – will feature in more books in the series.

My thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the chance to read this book.

As always,

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Book Review – Emily, Gone

A missing child sets the lives of three women on a collision course in this powerful and compelling novel by USA Today bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby.


When a music festival rolls through the sleepy town of Hesterville, Georgia, the Dixon family’s lives are forever changed. On the final night, a storm muffles the sound of the blaring music, and Rachel tucks her baby into bed before falling into a deep sleep. So deep, she doesn’t hear the kitchen door opening. When she and her husband wake up in the morning, the crib is empty. Emily is gone.

Vicki Robart is one of the thousands at the festival, but she’s not feeling the music. She’s feeling the emptiness over the loss of her own baby several months before. When she leaves the festival and is faced with an opportunity to fill that void, she is driven to an act of desperation that will forever bind the lives of three women.

When the truth of what actually happened that fateful night is finally exposed, shattering the lives they’ve built, will they be able to pick up the pieces to put their families back together again?

There aren’t enough complimentary words to describe this book – it’s compelling, emotional, evocative and downright amazing.

Told from the viewpoint of two families, the story delves into the harrowing concept of a baby taken from her natural parents and raised by another. Set in the 1970s, in a small town in Georgia, the author re-creates the festival vibe – but not as a party, rather as an intrusion upon the residents of Hesterville. An intrusion with the most far-reaching consequences imaginable.

A storm hits down as the festival draws to an end, and the sleep-deprived parents of newborn Emily Dixon finally succumb to their fatigue. But when they wake the next morning, Emily is gone. Their story takes a path through anguish, fear and anger as the search begins for the baby. As the days, weeks, months and years pass, they never lose hope.

Festival-goer Vicki Robart attends the festival but her heart is not in it; she still pines for her own child who was stillborn only months early. High on weed, she pleads with her partner to pull over for a bathroom break outside a family house in the vicinity. she has no qualms about waking the family, but when the door is unlocked she creeps inside and sees a baby asleep. Her instinct is to take the baby and run back to the van, where she urges her partner to drive on. He is unaware of the baby, hidden within Vicki’s clothing until the baby stirs.

He wants to take the baby back; Vicki disagrees. From this point on their relationship is on very shaky ground. The moral dilemma is too much to keep them together, so Vicki takes the baby – renamed Lana – to her sister’s. Does Vicki ever feel any remorse for her action? Not really, because she has convinced herself the child is her own.

The impact of that one night is forever felt by the Dixons. All they can hope for is that their daughter is loved and safe. The emotional pull of the story lies here, you really want the Dixon’s to have a happy ending, but as time passes it seems ever more unlikely.

A beautiful story, packed with emotion, drama, tension and hope.

My thanks to NetGalley for this wonderful book – highly recommended to fans of compelling women’s fiction.

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Book Review – The Lonely Spinsters’ Club: Kendall

She doesn’t have time for a relationship,
but maybe she could swing a one-night stand.
After all, he’s just a stripper,
so no need to worry about the future… or a broken heart.

Kendall has it all: a soaring law career, a bank account filled with cash, and an apartment overlooking the Chicago River. Her life couldn’t get any better; at least that’s what she thinks before she hosts a bachelorette party for her younger cousin, Ruthie.

What starts out as a low-key soiree quickly turns into an evening of debauchery when two strippers show up unexpectedly. During their act, Kendall can’t keep her eyes off the dark and stoic Giovanni. Fuelled by too many Moscow Mules and ignited by the male form, her suppressed desire smoulders.

With the prodding of her older cousin Freya, Kendall pursues a one-night stand with Gio. But when she realises she wants more, Kendall is forced to reexamine her priorities as well as her lifelong definition of success.

Kendall’s story is the first instalment of the five-book romantic comedy series THE LONELY SPINSTERS CLUB.

My Review

I knew from the title that this was going to be a fun book to read, and I was so right.
According to her grandmother, Kendall is the leader of The Lonely Spinsters’ Club, and she has no intention of changing that. Together with her many single cousins, Kendall has other priorities – she doesn’t need a man to give her life value. Much to Grandma Bev’s dismay.
As a successful lawyer, about to make partner, Kendall has her own dream life: a beautiful apartment, a successful career and great prospects. There is no way she’s going to give all that up for a husband and family – or is there?
Like all good chick-lit novels, Kendall’s plans take an altogether different path once she is persuaded by her cousin, Freya, to attend the bachelorette party of another cousin, Ruthie. Freya has great plans for the party, as she is also “celebrating” her divorce.
A couple of strippers are booked, and immediately there is a connection between Gio and Kendall – but he’s a stripper, and she’s a successful lawyer. And, besides, she doesn’t do one-night stands either – although she assumes he does.
What follows is a humorous story in which Kendall and Gio have to face the fact that they both fancy each other, and nothing – but nothing – can change that.
Well, apart from the fact they’ll never see each other again.
Yeah, right!
What will be, will be.
With great humour (particularly with Grandma Bev’s quips and Kendall’s dire wardrobe), interesting and mischievous characters, clever subplots and a fast pace, this book is easy to devour within a few hours. The characters and their antics will keep you entertained, and a few twists and turns along the way will have you second-guessing the outcome.
All in all, an enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to reading about Willow – another cousin – next. She strikes me as someone with a great story to tell.


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Price Drop Blitz – A Greek Affair

A Greek Affair

More than just a holiday romance?

Her daughter, her job and divorcing her untrustworthy ex are Leah’s main priorities. She isn’t really bothered that her life might be missing a few things. But after winning a prestigious travel blogger award, she’s inundated with offers to review glamorous holiday destinations. Lying around drinking exotic cocktails and being paid for it! What could be better?

Perhaps a romantic trip to idyllic Greece to find the one man who might make Leah risk her heart again…

Purchase Link –

Price drop: only 99p – grab your copy now!

About the Author

From interior designer to author, Linn B. Halton – who also writes under the pen name of Lucy Coleman – says ‘it’s been a fantastic journey!’

Linn is the bestselling author of more than a dozen novels and is excited to be writing for both Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus) and Harper Impulse (Harper Collins); she’s represented by Sara Keane of the Keane Kataria Literary Agency.

When she’s not writing, or spending time with the family, she’s either upcycling furniture or working in the garden.

Linn won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award; her novels have been short-listed in the UK’s Festival of Romance and the eFestival of Words Book Awards.

Living in Coed Duon in the Welsh Valleys with her ‘rock’, Lawrence, and gorgeous Bengal cat Ziggy, she freely admits she’s an eternal romantic.

Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and writes feel-good, uplifting novels about life, love and relationships.

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A message from Linn

In the mood for a heart-warming holiday read to whisk you off to Italy and Greece?

When Leah Castelli’s husband – Antonio – walks out of her life, he leaves behind a lot of heartache, his two-year-old daughter, Rosie, and a mountain of debt. With no contact at all from him over the next seven years, Leah focuses on her job as a freelance photographer to pay the bills and put a roof over their heads.

In the evenings she expands her photographic website to include holiday snaps. After a chance interview with the iconic popstar, Harry Martin at the prestigious Altar Bar resort in Cannes, her post went viral. And dreams of becoming a full-time travel blogger didn’t seem quite so distant.

And now, having won the Traveller Abroad: Top Travel Blogger award, overnight she’s finally able to give up the day job and work from home. Plus, the offers to experience some fabulous trips begin to roll in.

Leah soon finds herself on a cruise ship heading off to Monaco, Portovenere and on to Civitavecchia in Italy. But when her daughter accompanies her on a working trip to Athens, out of the blue life suddenly begins to get a lot more complicated. Can one chance encounter change Leah and Rosie’s life forever – or is that one risk too far?

Do you love a competition?

Hello lovely readers and bloggers!

To celebrate the price drop to 99p I will be running a competition on Twitter for one lucky person to win a goody bag – a limited edition mug and pen, and a Disaronno/chocolate gift box!

No purchase is necessary to join in – just RT one of my lovely blogger’s Tweets for the 99p promo including @LinnBHalton and #AGreekAffair, to take part.

If you have already read/reviewed A Greek Affair and take a photo of it on your reading device and/or send a link to your review in your Tweet – IF YOUR NAME is the ONE drawn by the third party, I will add two signed paperbacks from my backlist to the prize!

Don’t forget to include @LinnBHalton and #AGreekAffair so we can include your Tweet in the competition. Thank you so much for dropping by and good luck!

Terms: Competition closes noon GMT 19 April 2019; international; anyone can enter; prize to be provided by the author; prize winner will be announced on Twitter by @LinnBHalton and on Linn’s website (competition page) at noon on 20 April 2019 after being selected at random by a third party.


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