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Book News: Just a Simple Little Makeover

My series – The Blackleaf Agency – has undergone a makeover, and along with new titles there come new covers. But that’s not all, because I’ve decided to move all my mystery stories to a new pen name too.

All the books in The Blackleaf Agency series are now authored by bea kendall (intentionally lower case, because …well, just because 😉 )

Here’s the first in that series:

Just a Simple Little Holiday

When “romance” needs a life-jacket, maybe it isn’t meant to be!

For some people, romance is to be avoided at all costs:

  • to avoid being hurt.
  • it’s simply not worth the effort.
  • who could possibly fall in love with them anyway?


If questioned, Fern Mortimer would tick all of the above.

Following a hit-and-run, she is left in a wheelchair, and has since mastered the art of being invisible. Recovery is slow, and she hides away at her parents’ house, taking one online course after another. It’s easier to be a hermit.

But there comes a time when she’s fully qualified, and the big wide world beckons.

A few months into a new job, and with a reputation as The Ice Queen, she doesn’t expect to make any long lasting friends.

An invitation to join a co-worker and her friends on a girly holiday to The Algarve comes as quite the surprise too.

When Nessa won’t take no for an answer, and against her better judgement, Fern agrees to the trip.

Is this her chance to prove the old Fern still exists?

After all, it’s Just a Simple Little Holiday.

What could possibly go wrong?


A cosy mystery series with a hint of psycopath

Available from Amazon and via Kindle Unlimited

Here’s what other readers have to say about it:

The beautiful setting of the Algarve, a luxury pool in the grounds of the villa, but why is there a wheelchair at the bottom of it? And where is its owner?
Fern Mortimer keeps herself to herself since a hit a run left her in a wheelchair, she is known at the Ice Queen at work, but her new colleague, Nessa wants to be her friend. Nessa doesn’t think Fern is as bad as everyone makes her out to be.
As Nessa tries hard to be her friend she pleads with Fern to become the 5th member of her holiday group after another friend fell ill.
Fern decides she needs this holiday and eventually agrees. That’s when her life is turned upside down. Fern is seduced by the irresistible Portuguese waiter.
Twists, turns, mystery and mayhem, this story has it all, great humour and characters with depth, it’s a winner for me.
I would highly recommend this wonderful Novelette. The perfect size to read in one sitting.

This story drew me in from the start and was an quick easy read. The author did a great job of developing the characters, which is a hard thing to do in a short story. The ending had a great twist, which I didn’t see coming. A well written, descriptive story that made me feel like I was there.

A fantastic page turning short story. Very well written with great descriptions that makes you feel like you are there. Starts off with a girls holiday and turns into mystery and suspense. Brilliant from start to end I am looking forward to reading more from this author. Recommend to fans of short stories, mystery, suspense and books with a shocking ending

I won’t bore you with any more of these, but if you feel like giving it a whirl, you can get a copy here. It’s only 99p / 99c and, what’s more this is just a simple little short story. (See what I did there? 😉 )

I’ll be posting the sequel next week, which gives you just enough time to download and read this one. Well, a writer can dream …

As always,

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