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Book Review – The Mammoth Murders

The Mammoth Murders

Minokee Mysteries Book 2

by Iris Chacon

A Chinese Univ. of Fla. student & an old Florida farmer disappear, linked only by a canoe trip to a secret sinkhole. Neighbors, Shepard (a blind radio host) & Miranda (a shy librarian), soon find this double-murder puzzle could cost their lives – or at least their future together. Sequel to award-winning novel, “Finding Miranda.

About the author:

Iris Chacon is like a trip to sunny Florida, from the horse country of Ocala to the playgrounds and beaches of Pensacola, Orlando, Miami, Key West and all points in between.

Good, clean, fun is the Chacon mantra, whether on white sandy beaches, on theme park thrill rides, or on the pages of a novel. A good book is a vacation for the mind and spirit, and Iris loves vacationing with quirky characters in quaint locations.

Travel through laughter and tears with surprising people, and see the world in its happiest colors. That’s what reading can do for us. That’s what Iris Chacon writes for us.

My Review:

As soon as I saw the cover for this book, I instantly remembered the fun I had reading “Finding Miranda”, so it took less than a nanosecond for me to grab my copy of “The Mammoth Murders”.

Meeting up with Shep and Miranda was like catching up with old friends. Since the incident that took the lives of Pietro (Shep’s closest friend) and Dave (Shep’s dearest canine friend), Shep was still struggling to be 100% the man he used to be. But, with the help of Pietro’s twin brother, Carlo, one particular activity he had avoided – his morning jog -was now forced upon him – in the nicest possible way, of course.  And, as if that were not enough, after asking Miranda to marry him every day since, she finally said yes. But, take note – it was a secret (and possibly the worst kept secret in the whole of Minokee)

Talking of Minokee, how wonderful it was to catch up again with Miz Martha Cleary and the Coffee Ritual ladies, whose daily highlight was to see Shep and Carlo jog past, preferably shirtless, each morning.

And so it came to the couple’s ‘secret’ wedding – a secret that had morphed into a major event, organised with military precision by Shep’s mother, the high-society Hermione Montgomery Krausse. With her team of spies to hand, she was just waiting for the couple to set the date before her grand plans could kick in.

Shep had other ideas, a plan to marry quickly and quietly, but first a canoe ride to visit an ever-growing sinkhole on the land of a local farmer was in order. Together with some students from the university, the group enjoy a great day on the river, and peering into the vastness of the hole wondering what might be down there.

And so began the mystery – not just of the sinkhole. When one of the students – David Chang – disappeared, Shep and Carlo were asked to look into the case. The farmer’s strange ‘new’ behaviour, and some odd emails raised their suspicions – it was time to employ Shep’s secret weapon in the form of one of his fans from his radio days, and so began the surveillance exercise.

While all this was going on, Hermione had roped in Miranda’s parents too, and the wedding plans were getting more extravagant by the hour, something that did not sit well with Shep, and particularly with Miranda – the strain on the relationship was tested to its limits.

However, despite all of the issues facing them, it was an astonishing kitten, named Zeus (Carlo insisted the cat chose his own name!) who acted like the glue that would bind them together – eventually. Should Zeus finally decide to adopt Shep and Miranda, then expect those crazy, charming interactions to continue. I so hope they do.

The story includes a great balance of laughter and danger, of mystery and resolution, of hope and frustration, and all in all a good clean read that will keep any lover of cosy mysteries entertained from start to finish.
My thanks go to the author, and to Books Go Social via NetGalley for an advance e-copy, and I have reviewed this voluntarily.

As always,

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Mammoth Murders

  1. Oh goodness, Lynne! What a wonderfully written review, and such a surprise to see it this morning out in the Pacific Ocean. You are a great writer, and I am honored to appear on just4mybooks. Thank you very much.

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