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Still here!

I’ve been quiet about my own writing lately, but no more! Well, I may have been whimpering all year with nothing much to say, but 2020 is looking much more productive, and I might get shouty 😉

You have been warned!

As a thank you to everyone who has stuck by me, I am offering a free short story as a gift. No sales pitch, no begging for reviews since it’s not available anywhere but here. Consider it a small token of thanks from me to you ❤

For this one, I am writing under the pen-name of “maye palmer”.

If you fancy downloading a copy, then here’s the link SURVIVING ENZA

As a doctor during the worst flu pandemic ever, Juan Medina is surrounded by death.

Yet, at home, his wife is close to full term in her first pregnancy.

Could there be a worse time to bring a new life into the world?
Surviving Enza is a short story – 20 pages – following Dr Juan Medina’s life in Spain during the Spanish Flu crisis. It won first place in the historical fiction “Remember when …” category at The Writer’s Games 2018, and was written in under 72 hours because, yes, I am crazy enough to do things like that.

As you now know, “maye palmer” is a pen name for my historical fiction stories and will include women’s fiction too. I’ve also rebranded my mystery series, now under the pen name “bea kendall” and all future mysteries will sit here, but those one-off short stories (Magic O’Clock, Magical Memories etc) are staying where they are.


Well, it became apparent that the mix of genres under one umbrella wasn’t working. Fans of “Magic O’Clock” didn’t show interest in my cosy mystery series, and vice versa. This way, I hope to appeal directly to the intended audience of my books, rather than present a mish-mash of all sorts of interest to no one.

So, here’s a taste of what 2020 will offer:

These are all short stories or novellas.

Historical fiction: Surviving Enza & The Hardest Steps to Take

Mystery: Never Forgotten (the first in a mini series based on cold cases)

Suspense: She Hears Them (a Pied Piper retelling)

Romantic Comedy: Freedom

and, not forgetting the third book in my cosy mystery series: Just a Simple Little Painting

There’s one more story I’m working on, and I hope to pitch that one to agents and publishers later in 2020. Eek!

While 2019 has not been productive in terms of new releases, it has given me time to explore new genres and create more stories. I’m so excited about what’s coming up. Thank you again for sticking around.

As always,