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Book Review ‘n’ Recommendation – Malice and Forethought


Malice and Forethought cover


Malice and Forethought:

Short Stories of Malice and Murder

by Felicia Denise

Cover Design: perry elisabeth design

Genre: Crime Thriller / Suspense / Short Stories

Release Date: June 1, 2020

Malice – noun; mal·ice | ˈma-ləs

1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse
//ruined her reputation and did it with malice

Everyone is capable of malice and no one is immune to its outcome.

A Hint of Malice – When her last living relative commits suicide after having her identity and assets stolen, a grieving niece longs for justice.

Burned – When the masterminds behind a major drug operation get off with a slap on the wrists, a frustrated police detective warns them their wealth cannot shield them from everything.

The Marshall Sisters – After seeing her sister mistreated by far too many men, Leslie Marshall is proud of Paula for standing up for herself and accompanies her on a cold winter’s night to confront her boyfriend, but even Leslie isn’t ready for the new, assertive Paula.

The Watcher – Shamed into exile by his family because of his sexual fetish and hanging on to the shreds of his sanity, a man plots the ultimate date night with his new neighbor.

What’s done in the dark always comes to the light.

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About the Author

After writing as a hobby for most of her life, at the urging of a good friend, Felicia took on the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2015, writing what would become her first published work, In the Best Interest of the Child. It was released in the fall of 2016. Free, a Novella, which began as a three-installment series on her website, was published as a short story in May 2017.

Currently working on projects in several genres, Felicia plans to release book 2 of In the Best Interest of the Child – Family Matters, as well as anthologies of her suspense and women’s fiction short stories in 2020.

A long-time blogger, she also features books by indie authors daily on her blog, Nesie’s Place.

Felicia lost her husband of nearly 36 years of May of 2019 and is a strong advocate and supporter of the National Kidney Foundation. She has three adult children, four grand-pups, and as one of nine children, she has too much extended family to even go into!

In her free time-when not reading-Felicia sews and enjoys experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. She always has a cup of robust coffee and far too many pun jokes nearby.

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My Review

Some time ago, I read the author’s first book, “In the Best Interest of the Child”, and so I knew she could tell a story that pulled at the heartstrings. But let me tell you, whoa …does she have a dark side. And, you know what, it’s DELICIOUS! 😉

In A Hint of Malice, Jessalyn Hunter sets out to avenge her aunt’s death because, in her words, “Put in the right situation, anyone can kill.” And Jess was in that zone … the scumbag gigolo protected by his privileged family connections had it coming.

Vigilante justice served up beautifully for one newly stone-cold dead guy.

Burned tells the story of a stake-out in Creighton, where a multi-million dollar drugs haul puts the spotlight on an arrogant millionaire businessmen when his son is caught up in the raid. Soon-to-be-retired cop, Pat Sinclair understands that when drug barons don’t get what they paid for, then someone has to pay. Unfortunately for the wealthy tycoon, he doesn’t grasp the danger around the corner and opts to ignore the cop’s warning.

You know, some people just cannot be helped!!!

I love, love , love The Marshall Sisters. Doing what sisters do, Leslie Marshall takes on a supportive role as her older sibling, Paula, finally calls time on her relationship with Allen Bailey, a serial cheat and love-rat. What Leslie doesn’t know, however, is exactly how she is lending her support to Paula …not until the news anchor mentions those blue trash bags used to clean up the scene.

What a great twist!

Finally, The Watcher brings an end to this wonderful collection of sinister tales. Disowned by his family and exiled from Chicago, Hart Stanhope refuses to accept the new life imposed upon him. How dare they suggest his act was any worse than their own! He walks away from anything they’ve touched and starts over …watching his new neighbour and determined to make her his. But Penny Driver sees him watching her and she’s ready for him in a way he never suspects.

Turning the tables has never been so much fun.

Packed with twists and shocks aplenty, these stories are bound to entertain. Felicia Denise is a master at creating characters who draw you into their world and make you root for them. Indeed, she does that here, but she also dishes up some unsavoury characters who you would not wish to even share a lift with, let alone any substantial part of your life. Yet these are not caricatures, these are people we can all recognise, and each carries a secret that stains their lives and burns a hole in their soul. Acts of malice are their only escape …and their stories make for great reading.

Be sure to get your copy, and revel in the darkness.

As always,