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Book Review – Operation Rose (Eve’s War: The Heroines of SOE, Book 6)

Operation Rose is book seven in the Eve’s War Heroines of SOE series.

Beside a graffiti-embellished pew, I turned to Rose and said, “You’re taking great risks for us.”
“Freedom is worth the risks,” Rose said.
“What about the risks to your family?”
Rose turned and offered me an angry glare. “Who said that I have a family?”
“I assumed that you are married,” I said, “with children.”
Rose looked like a housewife. She wore no rings on her fingers, yet her whole manner suggested a housewifely air.
“I would rather not mention my family,” Rose said.
“I understand,” I said.
At that point, the sound of an organ reverberated through the cathedral. Its sudden appearance caught me by surprise. It startled Rose and made her jump.
“I must go,” she said.
I nodded. “Take care.”
I waited and listened to the organ. The sound was modern, electrified. I didn’t recognise the tune, but it was pleasant enough.
Outside, I walked through the narrow alleys, along the cobbled streets. I couldn’t explain why, but I loved cobbled streets.
At a distance of five hundred metres, I turned and stared at the cathedral, and reflected on Rose. I considered that she was an enigma. Maxime Durand had vouched for her. London trusted Durand, but I had my doubts about him. For security’s sake, I reckoned that I should learn more about Rose.

My thoughts

Yay! I’m back with the latest in the Eve’s War series, and it was like catching up with old friends, the only downside being these stories are short in length and always leave me yearning for the next one.

Guy and Eve’s relationship has developed considerably but the question of whether her husband, Michel, still lives, lingers. When Guy has to leave for a meeting under the guise of an archaeology convention, he says he’ll see if he can find out about Michel.
Meanwhile, Eve is in charge and when a mayor is shot in public view by German Officer, Raab, she – and others – suspect they have a traitor among them.
If they can root this person out, Eve has to consider shooting them. Can she do it? Her answer: if need be. But when the time comes, she’s relieved to find another issue that explains everything.
In Operation Rose, the team work together to seek out the traitor and their reasons for betrayal, only to find it’s not what they think and instead they are thrown into a rescue mission.

As always, the story moves along at great pace and the main characters reveal just a little more about themselves. In this case, Eve is bewildered at her sudden weight gain 😉 … and when Guy returns to say Michel is alive, then you have to wonder what’s next for the couple.
The saga continues … and I must practise patience LOL

I’ve learnt from experience that this author’s books are addictive, and I was planning on starting The Olive Tree series next. However, I’ve now decided to wait until that series is published in full (hopefully that’ll be soonish) Instead, I’ll be getting my WWII historical fiction fix with The Ann’s War Mystery series, starting with Betrayal – all five books in this series have been released and I can binge to my heart’s content. Look out for my reviews on these stories in the coming weeks.

About the Author

Hannah Howe is the author of the Sam Smith Mystery Series, the Ann’s War Mystery Series, The Olive Tree: A Spanish Civil War Saga, Eve’s War: Heroines of SOE and Saving Grace. Hannah’s books are published by Goylake Publishing and distributed through Gardners Books to over 300 outlets worldwide. Her books are available in print, as eBooks and audiobooks, and are being translated into numerous languages.

Currently, Hannah is writing Stormy Weather, book eighteen in the Sam Smith Mystery Series. She is also researching material for future Sam Smith books along with material for a Victorian novel set in 1888, a novel set in 1948, a novel set in Bulgaria during the Second World War and A Schoolteacher’s War, a story about the French Resistance and the preparations for D-Day. Along with these projects, Hannah is also writing The Olive Tree: A Spanish Civil War Saga and Eve’s War: Heroines of SOE.

As always,

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