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Blog Tour ‘n’ Book Review – Million Eyes III: Ouroboros

Million Eyes III: Ouroboros by C.R. Berry

Time is the Ultimate Deceiver

On a cold morning in 2219, Cara Montgomery and her husband, Jackson, have a frightening encounter on the beach. An encounter that leads to a war with a depraved and relentless alien race, the Shapeless, changing their lives forever.
  Three hundred years earlier, Harriet Turner travels to the future to learn the shocking secret behind Victorian London’s most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper. A mysterious barber, Fred, goes with her, but Fred has a shocking secret of his own.
  Hunted by the ruthless Miss Morgan and plagued by visions of a snake eating its own tail, Harriet discovers that the all-powerful Million Eyes isn’t the only one with an agenda. Time itself has one too.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When you read the Million Eyes series, you soon realise that each book has many viewpoints, many layers and many possibilities… and you might feel somewhat daunted by it all, but fear not, the author has a steady hand on the tiller. While you might jump in time and place with different characters, there is an underlying mystery that grabs your attention and won’t let go until the end. There’s a reason why I’ve read all of the books in the series, and that is simply because I had to know why it all happened. It’s a roller-coaster of a trilogy that may seem, at times, far-fetched. Yet, as the layers unravel, the bizarre is not so bizarre, the unthinkable not so unthinkable. That said, I could have done without the ouroboros visuals!! (Ugh, not a fan of snakes!)

How the author held it all together – from Princess Di, to Jesus, the Princes in the Tower to Jack the Ripper, dinosaurs to The Shapeless – I do not know, but it is a really well-crafted and plotted series. With each book, you get more drawn into the world of little red pills that take you back to fascinating and relatable times in history, before catapulting you forward to a future that no-one wants. And yet, the ending packs an altogether different punch, one that is grounded in humanity. It’s touching, poignant and simply perfect. I can see myself re-reading this as a complete set and being as captivated and entrenched in the various stories as I have been this time.

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