About me

Well, this avatar makes me look years younger, so I’m sticking with it. Although, I did want to add purple hair, but apparently that’s not ‘realistic’ – which kind of sums me up!

I’ve been living in Spain since 2003 but am originally from the UK. I worked in *yawn alert* IT for many years before taking the plunge and moving to Spain permanently. These days, I am a translator in my community and have become more knowledgeable of body parts and functions than I’d really care to mention.

With lots of free time, I started writing in 2012 with the NaNoWriMo challenge and, to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. Weird really, since English and Literature were my least favourite subjects at school.  However, I’ve always loved reading. Christmas annuals (of Jackie, Bunty etc) were my most-wanted gifts and I’d always read them before the turkey was ready to eat.

So, here I am, now penning stories of my own. I’ve even entered a few competitions and had a couple of my ‘winning’ stories published in an anthology.

Anyway, I haven’t settled to write in any single genre yet – I’m still testing the waters – but suspense and the odd legal battle keep cropping up in my tales so I’ll probably settle in the mystery or women’s fiction genres eventually. Or not – after all, I changed homelands, maybe I’m meant to be a wanderer.

If you’ve made it this far and read all of this, maybe you’d be interested in the other pages under ‘My Books’ detailing my current books or WIPs – no pressure, though. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

Have a fab day.

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