Dangling the carrot

Call me crazy – you wouldn’t be the first – but, for once in my writerly life I am thinking ahead. My next full novel is months away from publication – and that’s a good thing. I want it to be perfect, or as perfect as it can be anyway. It’s doing the rounds with a few beta readers right now, then it’s off to the editor in October (after I’ve absorbed the readers’ feedback). Another round of betas follows, then a final proofread and it will be good to go.

So, you’re probably wondering why I’m “dangling the carrot” when there are still so many stages yet to go.
Great question.
I thought the same way with my first book, and didn’t bother creating any “buzz” (although, I did follow all the same stages pre-launch) As a result, once the book went on sale, I then had to find readers.
Not an easy task – let me tell you. Especially when no-one really knew I was even writing a book.
I’ve learned a little since then – which is why I’m trying to get ahead of the game.

I’ll be adding a short book to this site soon – available to download at no charge – to accompany the book being available to pre-order.

Meet the Cast introduces the four main protagonists of Casualty of Court and gives the reader an insight into their mindset, outlining their thoughts, wants, issues etc. It’s a brief glimpse into their personalities – a trip behind the looking-glass.
Hopefully, it will plant a seed in the minds of readers – who knows, maybe a few will even pre-order it. But, whatever the outcome, it’s a step forward on the launch path.

I promise you – Casualty of Court is coming.
Sooner than you think.

Casualty of Court is the main story that follows on from The Fifth Wheel. You can catch up with the story still. For Amazon users click here, or here for other ereaders.

But if you’d rather wait then don’t worry – you don’t need to read the prequel to follow the main novel. Just think – blue skies, sunshine, the wind in your hair … and then you’re plunged into the Mediterranean, abandoned and left to drown. That’s what happened to Fern Mortimer – and now she’s back in Portugal to face her attacker in court. Only one of them can win. Who will be the Casualty of Court?

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If at first you don’t succeed …

Success is a subjective matter. Rather like the saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
You can measure success in so many ways, but as this is my book blog, then you can guess where I’m going …well, sort of anyway.

So many of my author friends have been going down the audiobook path recently. To be honest, it wasn’t something I’d considered, even though I devour audiobooks when my eyes are too tired to read.

After having listened to a few snippets of books I’d already read, I was amazed at how the whole story drew me in again. Believe me, I’m not one for re-reading books or re-watching movies. Very few of either form of entertainment actually make it to my ‘repeated viewing’ pile.

But there was something special about hearing a story being told. The actors brought the characters to life again and made me want to continue listening.

Naturally, with one’s interest piqued, one had to investigate further. Didn’t one? (Yeah, I lapse into third person when things don’t go my way – it’s a way to distance myself from the issue and make it less personal.)

The findings took one by surprise. The great powers that be—the giant that is Amazon/Audible/ACX—said no. Or rather they said “not yet”, but that’s as good as a “no”.

By virtue of living outside of their “English-speaking Empire” one is not able to use this service at the moment.

Cue angry face! Not going to rest though!

This was personal: I’m getting rather fed up of being the poor relation, the last to lick up the dregs after the great high-and-mighty nations have had their fill.

Alternative options do exist – but they also cost a pretty euro more. In fact, the costs involved reach into the realm of ‘never  gone make that back in a month of Sundays’.

So … while I might not be able to transform Lacey’s Law into an audiobook just yet, I’ve found something to sweeten the pill.

I’ve created an audioblurb.

Free audio, free photos from Pixabay and an hour or so faffing about on Movie Maker and …hey presto, let me present to you the audioblurb for Casualty of Court. (The link will take you to YouTube)

One is feeling rather impressed with oneself, right now. Success? Yep, I think so 😉

Thanks for popping by and have a stress-free day 🙂

There’s a first time for everything

Some weeks back, I recall saying to a fellow author that I always had the title in mind before I began to write a story. I added – rather smugly, I fear – that I’d always stuck with that initial title.
Until now …
So, here I sit, confessing that I’ve changed my mind – or rather, I’ve found a better title 🙂

Courting Danger is no more.

In its place, we have


The reason for this is manifold.

The story has been revised and now sits better in the (mixed) category of women’s fiction / courtroom drama / mystery.

It focuses more on what the main characters want and how they deal with getting it, so their interaction becomes more vital to the overall theme while the trial runs alongside everything.

On top of that, the cover has had a facelift and will be revealed nearer launch time.

So, I’m eating humble pie at my earlier smugness – but, hopefully for all the right reasons.