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A New Story – A New Challenge

Eight-year-old Susan adores her parents,

so when they’re arrested she’s convinced the police have the wrong family.

They don’t.

She does.

Alex & Hana Russell are parents seeking a child.

When their son is born without a heartbeat, and complications mean Hana

will never have another child, despair sets in.

When Alex steps in to break up a fight at the shelter where he’s a volunteer,

he doesn’t expect to be offered a solution to their parenting problem.

The offer presents them with a three-year-old girl they call Susan.

The same offer, however, has some nefarious strings attached.

Hugo and Emma Webb are parents missing a child.

When a hoax bomb threats creates panic at a popular family attraction,

their three-year-old daughter cannot be found anywhere.

Their search for her is fruitless, but they’ll never stop hoping.

Five years later, Susan undertakes a school project to draw her family tree.

Her parents are not exactly forthcoming.

What are they hiding?

Susan takes her questions elsewhere.

No-one is prepared for the events that follow

as her life unravels rapidly – along with her identity.

Now the truth must be told.

But just how do you tell a child she was stolen?

I was originally planning to publish this story in the summer.

Then PitMad happened.

So I’m now querying the story to a couple of agents who expressed interest.

Wish me luck!

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Two steps forward, one step back!

Sometimes I can be overambitious, but frequently I become easily distracted.

two-steps-forward-one-step-backIn recent months, it’s been a combination of both – trying to revise a novel (The Nasrid Charm) and participate in a short story collection with precise deadlines has meant that one project has had to be put on the back-burner. So, whilst The Nasrid Charm takes a temporary back seat, the anthology marches on.

Due for publication in June,  I am excited to announce that it is a collection of stories with a summer holiday theme, written by authors from around the world. The stories vary in genre from robots and vampires to ghosts, cats and even penguins. But there is a story for every member of the  family – whatever your taste, there will be something that appeals to you.

Therefore, in spite of my self-imposed procrastination with The Nasrid Charm, this episode of writing short stories is helping me to hone my writing skills and will, naturally, have a positive effect on the revision of my novel.

Progress, however long it takes, is still progress! And this is the right decision for me at this point in time.

Plus, it will be my first proper publication – so that  has to be good – right?



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A little detective work …


This week, as I continue my revision, it’s time to analyse the characters of my novel. Are they fulfilling my expectations? Have they over-egged their role? Do they need to be tamed or are they in hiding?

With my detective head on, I’m settling in for some character profiling.
So, to my protagonists, be warned – I have the power to hurt, maim or even kill you off.
Show yourselves worthy and you can stay, but otherwise – there will be no hangers-on, no control freaks trying to kidnap my story and definitely no time wasters, who fail to add anything of value to the plot.

The challenge is to go through each and every scene, identify all characters (even those who are only mentioned briefly) and determine what each of  these individuals makes me feel. Then, I must question what it is that I want them to make me feel (are you still with me?) Do the answers match? If not, do I need to ramp up the emotion, the action and the drama? Is any character trying to take over and send me in an unknown – and undesired – direction? Shall I be merciful and rein them in or should I just wipe them off the page, never to be seen or heard of again?

This is character validation in the rawest sense, and blood will surely be spilled.

It’s going to be fun (I hope!)


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Excited? You betcha!

As part of the revision course that I am following, it is obviously necessary to re-read my novel several times.

Now, whilst the course recommends a printed version – which I can understand –  I have run out of paper and am not patient enough to wait till I can get some more. (It’s too hot and I really don’t fancy getting into my sauna of a car right now).

So, I have downloaded my file from Scrivener to my Kindle – just so that I can get started!

And, LOOK!

It’s my book – on my Kindle!!!



How excited am I to see this?

Geez, what will I be like when it’s the finished, published version???