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A book blogger’s delight! – An update

BBNYA Panelist Logo by Jenn @JennieLy (

Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year is an annual Indie book award hosted and judged completely by book bloggers from all over the world!

Well, the first round is over … and it was fab-u-lous.

Before we were allocated our first excerpts, we were given a chance to look at all the books entered this year and then we could select those which we really fancied reading. The great thing about this step in the process was that it meant I could either stay in my comfort zone (and read crime, mystery, and women’s fiction) or I could take a gamble on a new genre or two.

I know I’m not the best reader for Sci-Fi or fantasy, but there were some that crossed genres … and I could see myself enjoying the stories based on the blurbs presented. So, I made my selection and then received 24 excerpts of 2,000 words.

Whoa! It felt like a lot, but we had a month to read them so I nudged a couple of books down my TBR list to make room and got stuck in.

For the most part, I was not disappointed and wanted to read on in so many cases. Clearly, though, not every book can make it through, so we were asked to score each one on the following points: Writing style, Story, Characters and Emotional response (i.e. did the story evoke any emotional reaction?) Finally, we had to decide if we wanted to read on. In my case, I said yes to 16 of the 24, maybe to 5, and no to 3, the latter really not being a fit for my reading preferences. I will add that I only gave the top score to one book, but there were a few others that came close. Seems I can be choosy when I try 😉

So, now I’m waiting for round 2 in which we get to read a larger excerpt of 10,000 words of those stories that made the cut. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the ones I loved are in that group.

Please excuse the cloak and daggers aspect to this post, clearly I can’t name any of the stories or authors at this stage.

Watch this space until then!

As always

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A book blogger’s delight!

BBNYA Panelist Logo by Jenn @JennieLy (

Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year is an annual Indie book award hosted and judged completely by book bloggers from all over the world!

I’m so looking forward to being a panelist for 2022. It’ll be my first time taking part as a book blogger, but based on past years I know I’m in for a treat. Being an Indie author myself, I understand how easy it is to feel invisible in the sea of famous names and celebrity authors. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be on the other side with one of my own books, but until then I’m more than happy to lend my support to other Indie authors with the help of the book blogging community.

It’s going to be amazing. I’ll keep you posted as much as I can but you’ll understand if I have to be cryptic until the winner is discovered.

As always

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Call me Happy!

You all know how I love badges …

This one, however, is more than just a badge … it’s a privilege too.

This IHIBRP Award Badge means that Magic O’Clock has been selected as an IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read—a sign of excellence throughout the literary community!

If you’re not aware of IHIBRP, then you’re missing out.

It stands for Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project, and is operated by multi-award-winning author JB Richards.

In effect, the IHIBRP is a book review “lottery”, allowing Indie authors whose books have fewer than 15 Amazon reviews to gain a chance at being one of 10 authors each month chosen for an IHIBRP Book Review. The review is posted on Author JB Richards’ blog (The Writers Block – on the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series website) and Goodreads, and as an Amazon “verified purchase” book review. If the book is deemed to be an IHIBRP 5 star Recommended Read, the author earns the above award badge to display on their book cover.

Guess what I’ll be doing with mine in the very near future?

The news is already on my Facebook author page!! (Impetuous, moi? Maybe a little … but excited, proud and happy  – or rather, in my own words “Eek!”)

If you want to know more about “Magic”, please follow this link. 

It would be wonderful to see more readers pick up a copy of Archie’s story 🙂

If you’re an author – and you meet the requirements – then take time to explore what Jeannie offers here. It’s unprecedented, and you’ll not regret submitting for a single moment.

I mentioned that Jeannie (JB Richards) was a multi-award-winning author herself, so how she gets the time to do all this for other Indies, I don’t know. Miriamne the Magdala is the first book from the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series, a series which masterfully explores the “missing years” of Christ through the lives of the people who knew him best, expanding on his highly personal relationship with the woman who became his closest confidante, most loyal disciple, and one true love! Divided into a series of five novels, each story focuses on a key character personally connected to Yeshua, sweeping you forward on a wondrous journey from his birth to adulthood, and giving you a unique insight into the heart and soul of the most compelling individual in world history.

Read more here, and check out all the awards too.

A huge thank you goes out to Jeannie, and to everyone else who takes – or has taken – the time to read “Magic”.

It’s not a story for everyone, I realise that. But if you’ve lost a loved one to dementia, then maybe Archie can bring a little magic into your day.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Supporting Indie Authors

Picture this – you see a book you’ve had your eye on for a while is suddenly  “FREE” for a limited time.

Do you snap it up, keen to get your mitts on it, and pat yourself on the back for nabbing a bargain?

Assuming it lives up to your expectations – which, naturally, are extremely high – would you then one-click another by the same author? Even if it involves spending a few pennies?

In answer to all the above, I’d say  YES each time. One can never have too many good books, can one?

But, what about those “PERMA FREE” books, designed to hook you in, again hoping you’ll become a fan of said author and buy – as in pay for – more?

Do they work?

If something is permanently free, do you still attach the same value to it as something that is only free for a limited time?

Are “FREE” books the way to get readers, then?

I’m not so sure.

Of course, I’ve run a few of these 5-day Kindle free promotions myself, and …as if by magic, the number of downloads during that period vastly outweighs all sales …EVER!!! All of which suggests that the process works.

But does it really?

I can honestly say the number of reviews doesn’t increase by the same number, or even at all.

Does that mean that people who take advantage of these free offers don’t leave reviews?

It seems so – but why is that?

Do they themselves not attach any value to a free book?  Is it not worthy of their time to leave a few words – whether good or bad – on the site from which they obtained the book? Or is it that they haven’t met the spend criterion of 50 pounds/dollars/euros because they only ever ‘purchase’ free books?

I reckon many readers are unaware of how much an author gets by way of royalties, assuming they ‘rolling in it’ and therefore don’t need any further support or help in spreading the word.

(Sarcastic, moi?)

Because indie authors are raking it in, aren’t they?

I’ve decided next time I download and ENJOY a free book, then I’m going to review it (which I’d do anyway) and then check out the author’s portfolio with the intention, whenever possible, to purchase another of their books.

Will you join me?

Thanks for reading 🙂





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Did you miss this?

Every two months or so, I cook up a few book-related morsels and serve them up to a faithful few – actual real people who have signed up voluntarily to receives my “goodies” – in the hope of entertaining and enlightening them on my writer’s life.

This time, in the bleak mid-winter season of flu and sneezes, ice and snow, freezing fingers and toes, I thought it called for a dose of Vitamin C.

Here’s what unravelled eventually. You, too, could be in receipt of such a treat if you were to sign up to my newsletter. There’s a link in the sidebar, on the right … just over there.

Down a bit.

Yep, that’s it. 🙂


I’ve been busy picking up oranges and lemons as they drop from my trees in this cold spell.
What on earth would I do with them all?

Have no fear. Help was at hand in the form of José Luis, a little Spanish chap who arrived, armed with a carrier bag, asking if I had any lemons to spare.
“Sí, Sí,” I answered readily, telling him to help himself.
He passes regularly to admire the abundance of fruit. Each time he tells me he has a tree in his garden and hasn’t had a lemon on it in four years. I don’t like to ask if it really is a lemon tree. He used to be in the Guardia Civil (police force), so I don’t fancy offending him.

Anyway, citrus fruit aside, the launch day for Casualty of Court is drawing ever closer, and many of my author friends have been helping me with its promotion. I’m not a keen marketeer, would much rather be writing.
So, instead of pushing it on any of you who might actually read this newsletter (I figured if you were interested, you’d clink the link above – you would, wouldn’t you?), instead of that, I thought I’d give you a glimpse at where the series is heading from here on.
Sound good to you?
I can’t hear you, but I imagine you’re nodding along … or just skimming through looking for the special offers 😉

Well, Casualty of Court introduces The Blackleaf Private Investigations Agency where my trainee PIs launch their new business. The next book is titled:In Heirlooms & Heiresses, after finding several missing dogs, lost cats, and straying husbands, they finally get their first serious case: a painting has been stolen from a guest’s room at the village’s only hotel. With the ‘thief’ soon revealed as the guest’s brother, you might assume the case is over. But, this is just the start of an adventure that takes Raven and Fern to The Netherlands. Tracing the painting’s provenance uncovers a link to WWII and some underhand dealings in the art world.
To further challenge them, a close friend calls upon their help to find her baby. But is it really a case of kidnap if the child is with her father?
Clearly, they have their hands full. As do I – and not with lemons anymore.
Heirlooms &Heiresses is two-thirds complete, and my mind is already on their next case.
You can tell I love a good mystery, particularly ones relating to art and culture crime. But I am also a big fan of beautiful settings and scenery, hence my reasoning behind these lovely locations in Europe. Casualty of Court is set in Portugal and Heirlooms & Heiresses in The Netherlands (apparently, Holland only covers 2 of the 12 regions within the country) The next adventure – Druids & Drachmas – is off to Ireland & Greece for a huge family celebration and an archaeological dig.

If you were to choose a mystery to read and a dream setting, what would you come up with? 
Send me your suggestions, and I’ll put all the senders’ names into a draw to win a copy of Casualty of Court when it
releases in March.

I’m having way too much fun, aren’t I? It only seems fair, then, that I offer you some reward for having got this far. Here are a few treats, made available to you by some dear writer friends of mine.

Who fancies a dark mystery set in Hawaii? I, for one, could do with some tropical sunshine right now.
House of the Hanging Jade offers just that.

“A dark presence has invaded the Jorgensen’s house. On a spectacular bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, something evil is watching and waiting …”

Amy’s book is on offer at only 99p/99c until March 4th, so I’m saving your pennies with this one.

If that not’s for you, how about Twelve Stories for Spring.
I love a short story collection. It’s perfect for those times when you have half an hour to spare. Whether you’re stuck in a waiting room or cosy on the sofa, a little escapism helps in any circumstance.
American author, Linda Mansfield, offers a baker’s dozen of seasonal, fictional stories, suitable for all age groups. These quick, light reads were designed for stress relief in today’s busy world.
Well, that almost makes me a doctor – prescribing stress-busters to you all 🙂 

My last treat for you is free until Feb 11th, so you might have to hurry up and grab your copy quickly. Unclaimed Baggage (US link) is a heart-wrenching story that will have you gripped from the very first page.
(Click on the cover image for the UK link)

Well, that’s it for. After taking care of your pennies, relieving your stress and – hopefully – bringing a smile to your face, I’ll get back to my lemons – I have a hankering for lemon meringue pie now, so anything could happen. I really hope you’ll enter the giveaway, otherwise I’ll be sucking on those lemons for a long, long time.

It’s all over now 🙂 Well done you for sticking it out until the end. 
Stay safe, warm and smiling!


So, that’s what you may have missed. But, you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. You know what to do 😉

Thanks for reading

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Who’s up for a Halloween Hop?

Want to increase followers/traffic on your Facebook page? Authors and bloggers are bringing a spooky good time to Facebook for Halloween! JOIN US! The Facebook Halloween Hopfest runs from Friday, October 27, 2017 through Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Register today by: – Adding the direct link to your Facebook AUTHOR page (NO groups, please!) – […]

via Author/Blogger Halloween Hop — Nesie’s Place

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What to read next?

It’s a constant dilemma. You just finish a book. There’s a gaping hole in your life that not even chocolates can fill- although you’ve tried, haven’t you? You need a new book to read and your Kindle is chock full of titles, but you can’t decide.

Do you try a new genre? Maybe give those vampires another go. (Nah, Not even going there!) So, you’re sticking with the mystery, thriller, suspense categories? Cool, I totally get it, too.

How about a new author? Yeah, that could work, but which one?

  • Do you pick the latest bestseller? The  one everyone is raving about? Probably not – you’d rather make up your own mind, right? Some of those bestsellers have been real humdingers, haven’t they? And not in a good way.
  • So, an indie author, then? Great idea.
    • And now what? Are you going to ask for recommendations? Oh, lordy, lordy – you’ll be flooded with ‘buy my book’ appeals.
    • how about checking out the book clubs? See what they’re reading. That could work. Oh, but you cancelled your membership because they never picked anything you liked. Darn it.
    • have you considered the library? yeah, I know it’s a bus ride from here and closes at two, but might be worth investigating. okay, another time, then.
      • Where does that leave you? You’re joking, right? You’re going to pick a random book from your Kindle, aren’t you? So, the point of this was what? You only buy books from Indie authors anyway? You know what? Me too!

When in doubt, Kindle knows best 🙂