My Writing Portfolio

Welcome to my personal writing space!


This is where you can find details of the stories I am writing, eventually you will see those that I have published too.

As a newcomer to writing, my writing space is still uncluttered as I begin my journey to authordom.

Please come by and check out my new offerings every once in a while.

Meet the characters of my stories


Lacey’s Law


Lacey Fielding has it all. Her dream job, riverside apartment and a burning desire for revenge.

Her target? None other than her best friend Carla Sommers.

Why? Read more at Lacey’s Law



The Nasrid Charm Series


Soraya Alcaide is an ordinary girl, waiting in the wings to take over her father’s surgery.

When her family is hired by the King, her life unravels at a dazzling speed.

Forced into a loveless marriage, she finds a way out with The Nasrid Charm.

But she must kill to live.

Soraya is but one of the ringbearers of The Nasrid Charm, you can read more about the series here


The Blackleaf Agency Series


Fern Mortimer and Raven Hegarty begin as polar opposites, destined to clash. When Fern faces a watery grave, it is Raven who comes to her aid. The women return to Portugal seeking justice.

Fern’s attacker – Stefan – is in no mood to stay in jail. He wants out and he wants Fern dead.

Read the prequel, The Fifth Wheel now and learn more about the full story in Courting Danger – to be published in 2017



The Untruth Hunters


Travis Hunter has all but given up on life.

Only his work as a barrister keeps him going.

Until he is unwittingly recruited by a maverick agency to embark on an adventure to reunite with his parents – long since pronounced dead.

But rescuing them does not come easy to him as government forces battle to keep this secret hidden.

This conspiracy thriller will be available late in 2017, follow the story’s progress here at The Untruth Hunters


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