Lacey’s Law

Lacey Fielding leads a seemingly wonderful life… on the surface.
Behind the façade of her dream job and a beautiful riverside apartment lies something darker.
Something that tastes like sweet revenge.

Eight years ago, Lacey learned the devastating truth about her father’s death.
She’s lived with the knowledge that she has a score to settle.

Carla has lived the last thirty years of her life secure in her friendship with Lacey.
All the while never knowing that the relentless teasing she’s endured was part of a bigger plan – a plan to settle an old score and reap what she’s sewn.

The time has come for long-held plans to come to fruition, but as has happened before for Lacey and Carla, life takes an unexpected turn, sending them into a frenzy as everything around them spirals out of control.

Will Lacey’s quest for revenge, lead her on a path to something she never expected?

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