The Nasrid Charm Series

The Nasrid Charm

A gemstone with magical properties has been abused by the King (in 1100 AD) to pursue his own selfish goals. Ramelius, his sorcerer, enchants the ring and creates The Nasrid Charm so that it can never more be misused, bestowing upon it a moral code. Ramelius – in the afterlife – is charged with finding the next bearer of the Charm and battles with Fate before finally choosing Soraya Alcaide in 15th Century Spain. The baton of responsibility then becomes hers and she seeks out Suzy Kendall. In modern times, Suzy learns that the family heirloom she now wears is stolen property from 15th Century Spain, and her grandfather still stands accused of its theft. Suzy sets out to find the truth and recognises an affinity with her grandfather, believing he has been wrongly accused. As she seeks to clear his name, a string of coincidences force her to investigate the Charm more closely. During regression, she encounters her ancestor Soraya who teaches her the powers of the Charm.. When evil comes Suzy’s way in the form of fraudsters, she is encouraged to take revenge to restore justice using the Charm. Confused and troubled by the consequences, Suzy struggles to grasp the rules of the ring, battling with her conscience at the thought of killing someone. However, it seems she is no longer in control of her own mind as Soraya’s formidable command dictates her every move.