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The best news ….

I have just discovered a very talented artist locally who is going to design the cover for The Nasrid Charm.


Until now, this has borne the shabby cloak of a Photoshop accident and will soon be transformed into an image of Picasso-style excellence.

Using these images, the cover will be reborn:

Loja  sorayaring

Now, I have to get cracking on the revisions.

Cover reveal in due course!

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Drowning in paper and post-its!



Finally got round to getting a new ink cartridge, so it’s time to print the whole manuscript and get adding those sticky notes!

This could get very messy 🙂

Let the fun begin!



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I know I have attitude!

positiveAs I said only a few days ago, this time I am serious about getting my book ready for publishing. It’s been ignored for way too long – my own fault, I know. The problem was that I didn’t really know how to revise it properly. I’ve followed so many blogs, read a plethora of books on the subject and still floundered like a beached whale.

But that has all changed – hopefully for the better! I have signed up for a five month course to learn how to revise my book – and all future ones (am I being presumptuous? – Hell, NO!)

So, now that I have made a proper paid-for commitment, I feel empowered. Knowing that I CAN get this book ready for human consumption is a great feeling. It won’t be easy, but I understand that from the outset.

I’m ready and positively raring to go! I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m sure that just having the right attitude will take me much further than ever before.

It’s time to turn my ATTITUDE into APTITUDE 🙂