Welcome to my personal writing space!


This is where you can find details of the stories I am writing, eventually you will see those that I have published too.

As a newcomer to writing, my writing space is still uncluttered as I begin my journey to authordom.

Please come by and check out my new offerings every once in a while.


My “Books” page is currently in development following a rebranding exercise.

All books will be featured under the umbrella of “Inkfellows Publications”.

Watch this space! 

If you wish to contact me to review your book, then here’s the link. Please note, I’m in Europe, so gifting books via Amazon is unlikely to work, but I’m happy to download from Netgalley, Bookfunnel, and StoryOrigin or receive a “direct to Kindle” copy.

Preferred genres are Women’s Fiction (not romance, more domestic or psychological suspense) Cosy & Traditional Mysteries, Thrillers, and Historical Fiction. I’m not your reader for Fantasy, Sci-Fi or paranormal stories – sorry!

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I would like to read “Stranger Danger” but haven’t been able to find it. Where should I look? Likewise, I would leave a review of “Never Forgotten” but can’t find it on Amazon. Where would I fid it to leave a review?

    1. Hi Miz Pat. Thanks for getting in touch. So happy you want to read Stranger Danger – it’ll be available in a couple of months. Also, Never Forgotten will be available on Amazon shortly as I’m updating covers and other bits and pieces. If you sign up to my newsletter – https://tinyletter.com/lfwrites – you’ll be amongst the first to know what’s going on (PS I’ll be asking for readers in my next newsletter to get an advanced copy of Stranger Danger before it’s released, so let me know if you’d like to be added to that list)

      Thanks again for contacting me. You’ve totally made my day 🙂

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