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It’s Camp NaNo time …

This Spring, I’m venturing outside my comfort zone to try my hand at a new genre: Romantic Comedy.

Now, this might be an absolute DIS – AS – TER, but even so I’m looking forward to treading a new path.

So, I’m taking my story to Italy. As a proud, confirmed European, I couldn’t resist such a glorious setting. After many childhood holidays to the Adriatic coast, followed by city breaks and cruises to Florence, Milan, Pisa and Rome, I always thought Italy would be my final destination in life. (I know! Shock, horror – and you thought I’d never leave Spain!)

Well, Italy still holds a place in my heart, so never say never. The memory of pizza at Lake Garda gets my mouth a watering just thinking about it, as does the idea of spooning lashings of parmesan over penne al’arrabiata … mmm, truly scrumptious …and then there’s the gelato. Need I say more?

Anyway, back to writing … say hello to


After years of putting up with her mother’s manipulative behaviour, controlling manner and constant put-downs, 36-year-old Penny has had enough. She books a long-awaited trip to Italy in the hope of finally breaking free.

But when Mother finds out, she invites herself along. She doesn’t mean to ruin Penny’s plans really, but worries her daughter cannot cope without her. (Or it may be just the other way around)

However, after an unexpected visit to the police station, a fellow Brit, Seb – now a long-term resident in Rome – offers to help them out.

Seb and Penny chat by text messages as she continues her tour to other Italian cities. His kindness and thoughtful words make Penny realise there is more to life than being her mother’s daughter.

I’ve even created a cover mock-up, since the good people at NaNoWriMo reckon having a cover image will make me more likely to finish. We shall see 😉

To be honest, that’s just an excuse. I will finish this story as it’s been promised for an anthology later this year. I just like having a play in Canva – and no, it’s really not procrastination 😉

So, I’m off to see the sights with Penny. There will be history and art, museums and monuments, lots of great scenery, wonderful food, and a whole lot of enlightenment.

Join me?

I’ll be back with an update next week. Until then,


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