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Book Review – The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper

I’ve been playing catch up with my TBR list and decided to settle down with the cosy mystery series by Phyllis Entis. Having already read the first two books in the series, it was time to jump in to book number three: The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper
Cue the summary …
Hotel/casino magnate Derek Turpin is flexing his muscles in Atlantic City. Even the cops are not immune to his influence. Little wonder Damien and Millie jump at the chance to get out of town, accepting a routine assignment to do a background check on a chocolate company located outside of Montreal.
But when their friend, investigative journalist Barbara Lafleur, runs afoul of the unscrupulous magnate and is felled by a hit-and-run driver, Damien stays behind to protect her from Turpin and his minions, leaving Millie to unravel a sordid saga of corruption and contaminated chocolate on her own.
The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper is the third book in the Damien Dickens Mystery series.

My Review

4/5 stars

Well, that was an easy and fast read – all done in one sitting. It was like watching an episode from a favourite PI series from the ’80s. A real blast from the past in terms of nostalgia and pure escapism.

Damien & Millie Dickens are taking a cruise around the Caribbean as a late honeymoon, but the cruise ship awaiting them at the docks resembles “a Dinky toy in a bathtub”, and their luxury cabin consists of bunkbeds.  Fortunately, the trip has more to offer in its destinations and the friendships made with other passenger.

When one of those passengers, Barbara Lafleur, turns up in Atlantic City, sure she’s being followed, the mystery begins in earnest. Barbara is really a journalist, and is working on a scoop that seems to have placed her in great danger. Before the PIs can talk to her properly, a hit-and-run accident leaves Barbara unconscious.

What had she discovered that warrants someone wanting her dead? The answer, they hope, lies in Barbara’s notes in her hotel room – but they are written in code and not easy to decipher. 

As Damien & Millie work on cracking the code, a second job takes Millie to Canada while Dick stays to keep watch over Barbara. Each subplot is intricately linked to the main story, and all ports lead to Dick’s arch-enemy, one Derek J Turpin. 

The story weaves seamlessly from Atlantic City to Montreal, taking in police corruption, drug smuggling, a Salmonella outbreak and … a litter of puppies! Not even DJT can wipe the smile off my face when Hershey the puppy take centre stage 😉 

As much as the story is well-researched, there’s a lot of detail at times which occasionally  brought me down from the high of the fun ride I was enjoying. That said, the information supported the storylines and added an authenticity to the plot being based on real events. 

Definitely a great read to brighten up a lazy afternoon.  The next adventure – The Gold Dragon Caper – is lurking perilously close to the top of my TBR list ready for another weekend binge. I’m looking forward to it already 😉

As always, 

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